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MZ-R3 service mode

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Hi folks can any body help me get this old unit functional again with a hack to enter service mode(MZ-R3 recordable minidisc walkman)?

I have tried this button combination but no luck(How to Reset Sony MZ-Rxx Series MD Recorders -http://www.minidisc.org/sony_mzr_reset.html)

Entering Service mode
To enter the service mode:

-turn on the HOLD switch on the main unit. -Press and HOLD the Vol- key. -While holding Vol- press: Right,Right,Left,Left,Right,Left,Right,Left,Pause,Pause -Stop holding Vol-

The unit gives me error 40 with shuffle function stuck on screen or goes to Mo RUN 31 and 32 but does nothing else.

The above hack from the forum suggests an automatic reset can be made but I cannot open the basic service mode screen,  if anybody has any bright ideas please share them the service manual suggests short-circuit the soldering bridge of TAP801(MODE) on the main board (connect Pin 46 of IC801 to the GND) and turn on the power supply? If anyone has done this and it works please get in touch?

If anyone has a link to Sony diagnostics discs/list of error codes please reply to this topic here!

The unit is otherwise in perfect condition but will not work and needs a software reset I think please help if you can! 

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The solder bridge is the last resort and has been implentable on all models since the beginning. Certainly for any model that does not respond to key presses correctly. I have used it, but not on this generation of machine (I had a recalcitrant E909).

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Thanks for that, I am contemplating solder surgery as the button pressing hack does not seem to work, I will have to check for loose connections to the buttons anyway by opening the case which I have been trying to avoid!

Thanks for your time in replying it is what makes the forum so good as a resource K

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