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Fixing? the MZ-RH10 without a screen present

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today I received an inquiry by PM from someone wishing to change the language on their Japanese RH10 without using the screen. I won't do this sort of activity privately, as there are others available who may have better answers and it is best such questions and the replies are shared with the community in any case.

Having told him so, I went off to double check. Yes, you can get into service mode with the RH10 and the parameters showing on the RM-MC40ELK (actually I think you can do it with the less fancy single-line remotes too, so don't weep too much if you don't have a multiline remote). Changing DistFL doesn't affect the language at all, unless someone knows how (this was covered by the original discussion).

When I changed the language (not using service mode) on mine I was able to use the menu on the (working) main screen of the RH10. Unfortunately "Language" doesn't show up under Option on the remote when you go into the menu (by long-pressing "Display" on RM-MC38EL or the remote jogwheel on RM-MC40ELK).

Worse than that, changing the language doesn't give a change on the remote which stays resolutely in English, unless I missed some reset/clear step. So my conclusion is that you have to purchase a remote for the country, unless someone knows how to change the remote. If the latter is possible, one doesn't even need to mess around with the RH10!


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Hey, that was me! I have the RH10 with a completely dead screen. I purchased the MC40ELK because I saw someone said it helped them navigate it much easier than the supplied remote. But I didn't think it would be in Japanese (duh!). This MC40ELK is not from Japan (UK).

An old thread had some guidance with the Japanese options you should select, but it's different Japanese from that of my remote (kanji vs katakana). Here's a pic: https://imgur.com/a/Lm8iVV3. Using Google Translate it does indeed seem there's no Language option. That's why I was hoping for a hack or service mode or something.

Thank you for posting this on my behalf, sfbp. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this. It seems mad that the remote gives you a different menu to the RH10 itself.


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OK, the details you give do in fact suggest that somewhere there's a parameter that sets the language of the remote, probably only accessible from the service mode. I'm afraid I need to leave this to the members here with real experience of dealing with Japanese models and language. Don't despair - there definitely are some in our ranks.

BTW I have the opposite situation, an RM-MC40ELK which is set to English even though I change the language on the RH10 to French (and presumably the other 3 Euro-languages included on that model). So the remote and main languages are essentially independent of each other. I also have a Japanese model I set to English (before the screen died) with English display on the remote. If you can figure out the button presses to change the main language maybe that does somehow magically change the remote - otherwise mine would be showing in Japanese too.

Maybe if someone has a Japanese Service Manual for the RH10 they can read it and help us.

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Right, if you can change the langauge with the main unit I wouldn't need to see the screen, just emulate the scrolling and clicks. I tried it with the image in the older thread but it didn't work. It's still crazy to me that different region remotes display different languages. Maybe that's why my UK remote displays katakana instead of kanji? I'm baffled for sure. Hopefully English will translate to the remote. I wish there was an easy way to replace the screens!

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OK. Try this: Menu (long press). Up one click (ie you're scrolling around rather than click by click to the bottom), press enter (can use the 40ELK for the Enter). You're in Option. Now up one click with the roller (again), enter, you should be in Language. Now try different things. I would try up, enter (again), and look at the remote. Just keep doing up-enter until something changes. My recollection is there were 3 or 4. On my NW-F886 there are only 2.

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