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SonicStage 4.3 Ultimate Edition

About This File

From valued forum member Avrin's topic, SonicStage 4.3 "Ultimate" Release 2:


Since the "Ultimate" 4.3 version seems to have gained quite a popularity, and appears to be less glitchy than any previous one, I decided to build a second release. This is purely a cosmetic update.


What's changed from the first release:


1. Updated Registry Information Setup is used now. This doesn't affect minidisc functionality in any way, but may add support for some newer ATRAC phones (you still need to provide the respective drivers).

2. The link to Minidisc Community Forums in the Help menu is replaced with a link to Sony Insider Forums.

3. Installation package extraction path is no longer saved to registry.

4. Windows Installer 2.0 distribution package is not included.


The complete list of changes from the official VAIO version (including changes introduced in the first release):


1. System prerequisites from Microsoft (Windows Installer 2.0, DirectX 9.0c, Windows Media Format 9, Windows Media Format 9.5, Data Access Components 2.5) are not included.

2. OpenMG Secure Module version 5.0 with the respective Registry Information is used instead of the original patched version 4.7.

3. Sony CONNECT Store support is no longer installed.

4. SonicStage Security Update is installed automatically.

5. Latest Personal Audio Drivers for SONY devices are installed automatically.

6. The VAIO support link in the Help menu is replaced with a link to Sony Insider Forums.


NOTE: If you have applied the experimental SonicStage patch 4.3.02 for Vista/Windows 7, you'll need to re-apply it after installation.

NOTE 2: If you need NetMD, you will probably have to install one of the drivers in the downloads section, as the older drivers have some different problems. In particular, if (as for many people) the system is Windows-64-bits, you will need the driver NETMD760, and you will need to undo some of the drivers installed by the SonicStage setup. If you have an MZ-RH1, you are especially warned to install that driver or its 32-bit cousin NETMD052.SYS (also under downloads) on every NetMD device.

What's New in Version 03/15/2019 03:55 PM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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I keep getting the same comment Mark with (21000) at the end.

I am not the most technically minded person in the world, but my internet is working fine.

I have so many live recordings I have made on minidisc and HIMD over the past 14 years that I am desperate to get Sonic Stage working on my Windows 7 laptop.

Any help is appreciated.



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I was minutes from throwing my MiniDisc player in the bin after earlier recovering it from the gadget drawer and spending several hours trying to get it to work on my PC. I stumbled on this section just before 'giving up the ghost'. Thank you very much. Oh boy - MP3's sound poor compared with this quality.

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I need a work around for this version telling me to delete and format all the files on the NW-HD1? I just need to do transfers and keep my files, getting this great SS DL was and is a life saver but defeats the purpose if I have to delete without being able to back up or keep the current files now, any help please..

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I still can not get sonicstage to run even with this download. I get the program freeze and windows message which shuts sonicstage. I am running windows 7 mome premium.

Can anyone help?

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Thank You! You made me really happy!

It seems to work on Win7 32bit, with my beloved NW-003 (wife has another one too).

I maybe buy an MD Recorder again, just for oldschool-fun. :-)

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Thank you so much. OMG. I've been looking for this software over 1 year. And you saved my walkman. I really love it. It is a kind of memory to me. Thanks again

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Saved my day!!!!!!


Installed 4.3 release 2 on my windows 7 64 bits as usual.

Ripped a cd on and usb cd rom drive.

Changed the library folder to a wd elements 2tb usb3 usb hdd on drive D: (Moving all the music in the library to the new location? Yes)


Made connection with:






nw-f807 (Japanese version playing atracPlus 352 and flac 1411 native on the preinstalled Walkman app) SenseMe working correctly (like X-dj on the nac-hd1e).


Atrac hdd devices were recognized right away by Windows.


Exchange of music as usual.

Backup my home Xp computer to eSata hdd with Sonicstage Backup Tool (200 gb of atacPlus 352!!!!) took 4 hrs.

Restored on the laptop (always connect wd elements first to get the D: drive for the ss library) using usb3 to sata converter.


What the F********* is the authentication of the datebase online for???

Were is the backup tool making a connection online to verify???

Is Sony able to corrupt the possibility to restore in the future????


Restore took also 4 hrs and all my music was available on the laptop to exchange with the Atrac hdd players.


Once I tried to restore a fresh (up to date) database on an other computer with an Sonicstage installation based on a restore. This action was cancelled by the Backup Tool.

I guess the restore only functions on a new installation of Sonicstage on a computer were SS had new been installed before.


Yours mdpu

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