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  1. I need a work around for this version telling me to delete and format all the files on the NW-HD1? I just need to do transfers and keep my files, getting this great SS DL was and is a life saver but defeats the purpose if I have to delete without being able to back up or keep the current files now, any help please..
  2. Hi, I am new here, I have had my NW-HD1 for years and I was not able to use it for the obvious reasons.(Sony screwed us all) I found this forum and downloaded the 4.3 AND the 3.4 but I am unable to use both, the .4.3 wants me to delete all and then format the device to use it and that defeats the purpose because I cant afford to lose all those tracks and the older version needs me to log in as an administrater because its in limited mode, please help me get these tracks back to my new pc for back up purposes. Thansk
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