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  1. ive had the walkman x for about 4 weeks now and i love it but does anybody know if sony is going to release a firmware update for it because it really needs one.
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  2. Needs one based on what? Sony only update firmware to remove bugs. They certainly don't add features via FW updates. If you want more ( or different) features you'll have to buy a new Walkman. I'm not supporting SONY in any way BTW, in fact I'm getting fairly pissed off with them operating closed systems in an increasingly open world. I have spent years criticizing our fruity friends on a number of points (particularly SQ on the iPod) but I have to say that I am extremely tempted to buy the iPhone next time I'm due an upgrade. I still adore SONY Walkman SQ but if you want a better multi-function device ( I think that may be what you're looking for ) you will have look elsewhere.
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