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  1. Hi, for the people interested, there is a tool which allows you to recover your old SonicStage music library after a Windows re-installation or computer crash. It requires that you have a backup of the files in the directory "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Sony Shared\OpenMG". If you still have these from your old Windows installation and you have a collection of .oma files which you cannot access anymore due to a corrupt SonicStage installation and the fact that files are encrypted, then this tool will allow you to decrypt these files again. It comes with a readme file. http://rapidshare.com/files/444508273/openmg_20110125.zip This tool was not written by me but I compiled it and provided a readme. I simply provide the link to allow people to restore their encrypted SonicStage music library with .oma files (PCM and ATRAC3/3+). For all people who do not have a backup of the files in the aforementiond OpenMG directory anymore, you might be happy to hear that VLC is going to be able to playback such encrypted files in near future. Coming in late summer 2011, VLC will feature an ATRAC3+ decoder plus a decryptor for the .oma files. Adrian
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