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  1. Thanks! i would like to upgrade my macbook soon. I'll be waiting your reply.
  2. Hi, any mac users with leopard have tested the Hi-Md transfer for mac?? Does it work with the new OS X Leopard?? Marc
  3. Hi, i'm a Mac user and i would like to upgrade to Leopard. Does anybody know if the hi-md transfer for mac will work in leopard? Thanks in advance Marc
  4. Hi, i'm on a Macbook intel core 2 duo and i don't have any problems with my mz-rh1. I have the MD transfer version 2 and works just fine. So it's not an intel mac problem. I hope u can solve the problem Marc
  5. Thanks for your reply. Are you using a mac? can u edit tittles make groups on the computer and then tranfer them to the md unit?
  6. Hi i'm new here, i've been using md for almost 7 years and for me it's the best format. I have always used them with windows but now i have to change my computer and i would like to buy a mac. The only think that worries me is how will my units work on a mac?? what can i do with my mz-rh1, rh910 and my mz-n510 on a mac? i'm sure some of you have macs and i would appreciate all the information you could give me. Thanks in advance. And sorry about my poor english Marc
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