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  1. i just lost a bid on ebay for a 50, i'm just going to go commit suicide now, nice knowing yous guys.
  2. FYI: this goes out to people in Great Britain, and basically anyone not in America and possibly Canada.
  3. i have searched high and low to fing Rage Against the Machines release of "evil empire" on minidisc. i do not currently own any actual released mini discs only blanks with stuff burned onto them, but after i found out a few years ago that this title was released on MD ( prolly because of the SONY ) lable i have been trying to find it and no such luck. i have found a place that has album labels ready to print to mini disc, but i want the real thing!
  4. where can i get some of those!?
  5. if it comes out in japan why want it be imported into america? too expensive?
  6. its not fair, im moving back to japan, its easier to get better stuff out there. i wish i took advantage of that when i lived there...oh well. e-bay here i come.
  7. i didnt know they came in other colors! pics or it didnt happen!
  8. the mz-r50 was what got me started in the MD world. i used the optical line out on my ps2 to burn md's i loved it because i could use the jog dial to label tracks, and if there was an album that had a long pause before another song i could use it to delete the pause and make it another track. that was the quintessential MD palyer as far as i was concerned, i had the external add on batterypack and the clip on joggers attachment that had a little screen on it as well, unfortuantely somebody stold only the MD player and left me the rest. i would give just about anything to own another one! i had everything in this picture but the wall charger. CAN THESE STILL BE FOUND/ BOUGHT!? i have one of those newer net md players and i just dont like it i cant do shit with it, and since i have a MD head unit in my cadillac , im forced to burn low quality md's with it, i still have some of the md's i recorded with my 50 and they sound amazing on my stereo vice this other player i have...
  9. what is intenso? like is that a u.s or overseas company? what else did they make?
  10. thank you sir, i also forgot to mention that it has red and white female rca cables on the back of it, so i got two male rca cables with a headphone jack and when i press cd, anything with a headphone socket ( ipod, my portable tv/dvd player, cd player etc ) will play on my stereo! you cant beat that. thank god for japanese people!
  11. on my first MD player it had the optical in, and i used to use my PS2 to record my MD's although it took however long the cd was, it always sounded better, now i use the net md thing and its okay, but since i compress my files to maximize my space, they dont sound nearley as good...
  12. what to the buttons on the remote look like? it doenst show it in the video
  13. konnichiwa my fellow MD lovers/ supporters!!! i have been into minidiscs since about 1999 if i remember correctly, i just wanted to share my JVD head unit with every one since these are pretty rare, and i have one in my lowrider cadillac in full working condition!!!! THIS IS NOT FOR SALE nor will it ever be. i used to be in the marines a little while ago and was stationed in okinawa japan for about a year, i bought this head unit off of a friend of mine because he didnt know what it was, it was worth the $200.00 i paid for it! i love minidiscs because they 1) THEY DONT SKIP 2) THEY DONT SCRATCH 3) THEY HOLD A TON OF SONGS 4) THEYRE OLD SCHOOL 5) NOBODY HAS THEM 6) THEYRE RE WRITEABLE here is my indash MD player THANKS FOR LOOKING!! here is a picture of the car it is in my japanese license plate ( no the car is not in japan nor was it, i live in Connecticut )
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