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  1. "only songs recorded by the player can be deleted". The NW-S700 series has a feature that allows you to record song, in real time, using a special attachment. Only those song recorded using the player can be deleted using the 'delete rec data'. In other words, only songs recorded using the NW-S706 can be deleted on the player. If songs have been transfered using SonicStage then they can not be deleted. To remove those songs, you need to reconnect to a machine with SonicStage.
  2. A. Black technically is not a colour. It is occurs when no light is being reflected. It could be believed that the because of the metal surface that light is being reflected causing it to appear to be purple.
  3. 1. Check that the serial number is the same on the back of the unit and in the menu. setting.advanced settings.informatiom (item3) 2.Under same menu check that the model number and capacity is correct. The other items will be both 1.00 3.Verify the capcity available. I am unable to determine the correct value at this moment. Hopefully some can provide this information. A.From looking at the picture it can be argued that the purple is a false colour, created by the scanner's light refecting of the metal surface.
  4. Hey, it may just be a factory error. Thus making it a collectors item.?
  5. Shinji Ikeda


    With the difference between the NW and the NWZ series Walkmans the only difference is the use of SonicStage for the NW series. However, the NW-A910 series has OneSeg TV reception. Which include other features such as recording TV programs. It is possible for this model to be release in Other countries, but it can be suspected that the NWZ-A9x0 series will not have OneSeg and will be significantly cheaper. This would be consistent with Sony's pricing for the NW-A800 series and NWZ-A810 series. It seems that those outside of Japan will have to wait and see what products Sony has planned for other countries.
  6. Yes these models are made by Sony. These are one of the first models that do not support SonicStage, and you transfer your music using drag and drop. Do they look like this. If yes and you like it, then get one.
  7. I am not going to argue about what I wrote. It is not my fault that you did not read the post that my statement was replying to. My English is not prefect, but you reponse is a logic error. John's house is not bigger than Robert's house. Does not mean:Robert's house is bigger than John's house. Nor does it mean John's and Robert's house is the same size. What was writen is what was writen. You can not make any additional conclusions because no addition information exist to make such conclusion. No where was any statement made that the sound of the 800 series was better than the NWZ-610 series. Nor was it written that they where the same. The reason that it may not be obvious to you, that you refuse to read the original post and the subsequent post. You should be more careful of take someone's words out of context. If I explicitly wrote that the NW-A800/NWZ-A810 series sounded better or had better sound quality than the NWZ-S610 series, then I apologize. However, there is no where in my post that states that, or can be implied from that.
  8. What is this radio show podcast that you are listening to. Is there a link to it that you can provide.
  9. Shinji Ikeda

    A808 bookmarks

    Hello juli, I am assuming that you are talking about the custum "Bookmark List" playlist, and you are referring to the bookmark view. Highlight the track you want to remove, and press the option button. Scroll down to "Bookmark" and press enter. Then unselect the matching "Bookmark List".
  10. In SonicStage have you given each album an initial. My guess is that only Talking Heads have been given an initial of T.
  11. Huh, what is hard to understand about what was written . What was written The NW-A800 and NWZ-A810 series are both premium models, and I doubt that Sony designed the NWZ-610 series to sound better that the 800's. This should be obviously clear, and impossible to conclude the reverse. No where is it written that the NWZ-A810/NW-A800 series had better sound than the NWZ-A610 series. This was a response to ...
  12. I think he is referring to the 'powerpack' going boom or damaging his NW-A806. One of the many reason that I dislike English.
  13. It is because he owns it. The relations to the original post was because no one was talking about this NWZ-S610 series, and that is it. It is strange how that issue has turned into making incorrect statements about NW-A800 and NWZ-A810 series. The NW-A800 and NWZ-A810 series are both premium models, and I doubt that Sony designed the NWZ-610 series to sound better that the 800's.
  14. A software security company did some research and was able to discover a bug in SonicStage that can be exploited. The problem relates to how SonicStage parses the m3u file. Only a software patch is needed to be released, which should be coming. It could be only one line of code. Imagine Microsoft or Apple releasing completely new version of their software of bugs in their software. If you do not use m3u files I would not worry about it, or avoid m3u files from unsure sources.
  15. Copy the effected files to another location on your hard drive(very important). Then delete them from SonicStage, and select the checkbox "Delete this file from the computer". Re download the file from the site, and re-import the new version into SonicStage. Something maybe wrong with the file header with the other programs seem to able to correct for.
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