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  1. Hi guys, it's been a while but I actually have a NW-A1200 with a broken HDD. I opened it up and I came up with the same Idea. The device starts up now and recognizes the flashcard (I was able to let it initialize it on its own) but when I connect to sonicstage it says ''System error No. 032'' and hangs itself. So If any-one has suggestions, I'll be happy to try them out. greetz!
  2. ahh... okay... you lucky bastard! Well, uncapped the touch is indeed insanely loud! BTW, You mentioned triple.fi's...... I assume you own a pair? May I ask if you have any experience with UE Super.fi 5 pro? I'm thinking of pruchasing a pair to upgrade from my V-moda Vibes. I'm gonna use them with my Touch and my new MZ-RH1. greetz
  3. I live in the Netherlands and my ipod touch was capped! I had to remove it. You'll have to edit a .plist file after you jailbreaked your ipod. You'll get significant more output power when you remove the cap! greetz
  4. hi guys, as you see, I'm new here at MDCF. I'm coming from Atraclife. I was abscent for a while there due to a little MP3 player adventure (don't ask) and when I returned I noticed that they removed the MiniDisc section So here I am. I have returned to MiniDisc before it was too late. I've been a MD fanatic for years now. I've had an MZ-N707 and MZ-NH900. I sold my NH900 because it began to develop some bugs and bought a walkman (NW-A1200) instead. But after some other DAP's (NW-S703, NW-A808, Cowon D2/F2, Creative Zen V:M, iPod Touch :shame: )I went back to my roots and bought a brand new Sony MZ-RH1B. Now I notice how I love MD. It's the best sounding format in the world. And I've tried many I can assure you........ I love the MZ-RH1. I loved the sq on my NH900, but that was 2 years ago and with sony MDR-EX71's. Now I have the even better sounding RH1 with V-moda Vibes. And damn do my Vibes like the RH1!!!!! Great sounding combo (though I'm looking into Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 pro's) But for now, the RH1 rocks. Best sounding DAP I've ever owned!! greetz
  5. how do you mean? What do you need to resolder? AND what effect would it have? greetz
  6. DSP

    Long time no see,

    Hello guys, as said, long time no see.... I've been away for a while.. posting along on some other forums and not using a sony walkman as primary Player for a while. I used a Cowon D2 and an iPod Touch in the time between.. But.. Now I'm back. I was reading about how sony would discontinue the MZ-RH1 and no new HI-MD device in sight.... maybe never :(. so Yesterday I ordered myself one of the last MZ-RH1's in the country here... I'm expecting it as I write. My question to you gusy is, since I could not find any other review of the MZ-RH1 besides that of MDfreak (www.mdcenter.nl), If you would like an in-depth review of my MZ-RH1 which should arrive any time now. I posted this thread in ''the lounge'' becuase I noticed that the MiniDisc area is gone. And I didn't want to discribe on yet another forum.... I'd rather do it for you guys. ....... So it looks like I'm back in the MiniDiscs again , and I'm very very happy with it! I missed those little plastic things... greetz
  7. man... just drag and drop! It works like a USB drive.... I can even use it on my mac with no problems at all!!!
  8. DSP


    Hello, My NW-A1200 Hard drive died since my brother dropped the unit. Now I've put in a CF card and it boots again, only my PC won't recognize it. I think I need the files that are originally on a NW-A1200 or NW-A1000's HDD, so that I can put those on mine and try to get it going again.... I hope somebody could please provide me with these files! Thanks in advance. email me @ ricosabel@gmail.com
  9. DSP

    Sony products

    I would never buy stereo equipment from sony. I work in a HiFi store and sony is just overrated by most people. The ES serie is really good, though it dus not stand up to other equipment from brands like Marantz, Denon and hell, even pioneer. The price difference isn't that big either. I think Marantz SR-4001 is one of the best value stereo Amps I know. It drives the Canton GLE-407's pretty good. And the SR-4001 only costs like 249 euros. take the CD-4001 with that and you have a good stereo set for 500 euros. There are a lot of people who come and ask me for the ES serie but often they walk away considering a marantz, denon or onkyo or actually walk away WITH one of those. Maybe I'm just spoiled, but I would never buy stereo equipment from sony. And then I mean in that line and price.... The midi sets from sony are really great fun.... also for the price. So it's pretty good stuff. But no sony Amps for me.... Only thing that would get me buying a sony CD player would be good'old Atrac greetz
  10. I have both and have to say that ipod touch doesn't sound that bad. Sony wins, but not with such a huge margin.
  11. MDR-EX71? I really loved those. But nowadays i am used to a bit more detailed iem's. I now have V-moda vibes and they are without a doubt the best phones i've ever owned. I also own a pair of Futuresonics FS-1 but they have less soundstage and a bit less detail I think. I'm really curious about thes sony phones because i'm not that impressed with sony phones anymore. Greetz
  12. I'm listening to: Nightwish - Dark passion play On Sony NWZ-S516 in AAC @ 192 Kbps / 48 KHz and iPod Touch @ same format (I know, sorry!) 1 the poet and the pendulum 2 bye bye beautiful 3 amaranth 4 cadence of her last breath 5 master passion greed 6 eva 7 sahara 8 whoever brings the night 9 for the heart I once had 10 the islander 11 last of the wilds 12 7 days to the wolves 13 meadows of heaven It's such a nice album. Really poetical and has a magic feel to it. There's also a bonus CD included with the whole album but only instrumental!! Really great! I love it!! any-one else listening to Nightwish?? greetz
  13. Well, I've actually ditched sony with the purchase of my MacBook. I had an NW-A805 at the time (still own it) but was forced to get something else since I didn't want to install windows on my mac. It was the main reason I switched in the first place! I replaced my beloved (!) walkman with a Cowon D2. It was a very nifty little machine but in the end it just wasn't what I searched for. SQ was rather good but sometimes too neutral or straight forward. Some people call it analatycal, I thought It was just too damn ''sharp'' and screamy. Also the touch interface was annoying because of it's weakness and small size. So I was going for another search when Mister Steve Jobs himself announced the new iPod line-up. I thought it was f*cking boring as always, but at that time he was only just finished with the ipod classic. The iPod touch was another story. I thought it was very cool and clean looking. Touch interface on a 3'' screen and mae out of glass, I just couldn't resist and with that little voice in my head saying ''It's an ipod you fool!!!, It's an ipod you freakin' fool!!! THINK!'' I still went to order one. When I got it I was very pleased by the design and everything. This is a totally different story. It's no regular ipod. This thing is very nice to have. Touch interface is sexy and the way you can search your music is like a dream. I have to say that SQ is actually very nice. It's clean, no hiss, nice low end and clean mid/upper range. Though it's no Walkman it's certainly very nice and for some kinds of music I actually prefer it to my Walkman. But I dooooo mis the decent walkman EQ a lot! The EQ of the ipod is a pain in the ass! It cracks like hell and they would be better of leaving it out. It's a shame! I could do a side by side comparison between the iPod touch sound and my newly purchased NWZ-S516. Just ask And yes, I eventually couldn't resist to the temptation of walkman. It works with my mac now, so it's asolutely great! greetz
  14. No haven't tried that, and I don't bother to do so either... I don't buy a Mac to install windows on it anyway.... I think it's a shame.... But this just works. So I'm very happy!!! I'm very happy that I can say: Good Job Sony! I'm proud of you guys! Now just wait for the rest of the world to see how goo dthese players are now... with Drag&Drop!!! greetz
  15. well, as some of you might know I have bought a MacBook a few months ago. My beloved NW-A805 walkman became unusable.......since sonicstage isn't mac compatible... so I bought an ipod touch, and yes... I have it a week now and it's already back with apple for repair. So today I as walking in the sunshine when I passed by Dixons. I thought It wold be fun to have a look inside and see what new stuff they have. And there it was... NWZ-S516.... walkman.... I immediately fell in love again.... I thought, nooo... you allready have an ipod.... it's coming back next week... So leave it alone. Finally I got home, and was surprised by a little plastic bag follwing me inside....I took a look inside and OOO NOOOOOO, it's a NWZ-S516!!!!! So I eventually couldn't resist (again) Hooked it up to my mac, and owww damn... it worked!!! A sony walkman with FULL drag & drop!!!! I just love it! I'm listening to it right now, it sounds the same as that absolutely great sounding NW-A808. I'm very very happy!!! Great work sony! You guys id a great job! Oww yeah, The Walkman just SHINES with My V-moda Vibes!!!! It's absolutely the BEST combo I've ever heard. I'm afraid my iPod Touch is going to lead a lonely life when it returns....... greetz
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