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  1. Thanks for the information. It was just what I needed. I had no idea that Roxio and Sonic Stage shared anything, much less this PXEngine. Not long ago I UNinstalled an old Roxio application from my system, and it must have taken this PXEngine (or some other shared file) with it. So I just installed the newer version of Roxio which I was thinking of using, and whallah!!! my Sonic Stage now presents me with the option to burn an audio CD. It recognized my CD drive, and successfully burned a new CD from one of my playlists. thanks a million for taking the time to help me! You folks are the absolute BEST!! L
  2. This is a follow-up post to my previous plea for help re: missing the functionality to create an audio CD in SS 4.2 In searching for a fix for this problem, I came across a couple of references to "PxEngine." Can anybody tell me about this? Is it a patch to Sonic Stage, or does it hit windows files/registry? I'm wondering what the risks might be to trying to install/reinstall this. Apparently Sony suggests it as a fix for Vista users whose Sonic Stage does not recognize their CD/RW drives, so I'm wondering if it might possibly fix that same problem for me with windows XP.
  3. Hi. I'm no expert, but maybe this will help. I've been trying to find a fix for my own Sonic Stage problem (no option to create audio CD in sonic stage 4.2), and I saw your issue listed in a FAQ on Sony's UK support Site (http://support.sony-europe.com/dna/faq/faq.aspx?l=en&m=MZ-RH1&f=sonicstage ). Here's the solution they suggested: Please check the following: 1. Make sure that you are using a computer with an account that has the administrator rights. 2. Make sure that you have downloaded the latest SonicStage version available from the download section of our website. 3. Make sure that you have updated your computer and your operating system with the latest updates. Please contact the manufacturer of your computer / operating system. 4. Make sure that your computer is free from spyware: for more information, please visit the Microsoft security website. Disable DEP settings: * Click Start, right click My Computer, and then click Properties. * On the Advanced tab, click Settings under Performance. * On the Data Execution Prevention tab, select Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select, and click Add. * In the Open box, browse to the C:\Windows folder, double click Explorer, click OK, and then click OK. Hope that helps. L
  4. I'm having trouble creating an audio CD from my personal recordings using Sonic Stage 4.2. These were recorded live using my RH1 and transferred to my PC via the SS that came with my recorder. In the past I have burned many audio CDs of these recordings. Several months ago I replaced my original version of SS with ver 4.2. Now I want to create another CD of some of these same recordings/playlists, but it seems that the only available format under "transfer" is to create an ATRAC CD. Nowhere can I find the tool to create an audio CD. And under the options menu, the drive and writing speed drop-downs are greyed out, and the box for "Type of CD" only lists ATRAC CD. I'm a novice at SS, and it's been a long time since I did this, but I don't remember it being all that difficult to find. Is there some configuration I'm missing? Do I need to reinstall the software or go back to my earlier version? My albums PLAY just fine. It's not that they need converting or anything. I removed the copy protection a couple years ago. It just seems that the software is unaware that I have a CD RW drive (actually two of them) in my system. They are not mapped to the usual drive D, but would this matter? I am running windows XP SP2 and all its patches. Your help would be greatly appreciated!! I'm stuck. L
  5. in case you don't see my reply to one of your other postings, I would be interested. Which mic does it have? How many months has it been used? lenore
  6. If you are looking to sell it, I would be interested. lenorevdb@yahoo.com L
  7. Ahhh, yes, I see it. In fact, a half dozen or so databases, but only the MtData.mdb actually seems to be updating. Maybe the others are created at installation of the software. Well, that's helpful. I'll backup this whole folder occasionally, and deal with the details of restoring it if and when the need arises. Perhaps I can just copy over that one database file. Thanks for your help! L
  8. Where are my SS playlists stored, and how can I backup and restore them? When I had to rebuild my PC a while back, I was able to rescue my SS music files and albums, but lost all my playlists. (I'm using SS 4.2).
  9. How to you run the File Conversion Tool on just the newly uploaded recordings? It seems like it's going to run on the entire library.
  10. Obviously, I'm still confused. I thought it was no longer necessary to un-DRM uploads (MD to PC transfers) with current versions of SS (>= ver 4). Will I need to keep doing this even with ver 4.2? So you just transfer your recordings to PC via SonicStage, trash the ATRAC files, and work with the WAV files in Media Monkey? My main interest is to make recordings of a church choir I sing with. I record our rehearsals and Sunday services, and then to create CDs of these for other choir members to use. Not professional CDs and not CDs that will be sold, but for our own use and the enjoyment of some friends of the choir. Still I want the highest quality recording and CD that I can make. I just upgraded my PC, and will undoubtedly upgrade again next year, or even replace it, so I would love not to have to worry about keeping or losing my recordings, converting or optimizing them, etc. etc. etc. I am a novice in the sound/recording world, and all these different recording formats are like vegetable soup to me.
  11. Yipppeeee!! I got them back! Thank You! I imported my converted files into ver 4.2 and this time everything is working properly. Don't know what the glitch was, but I'm not complaining. But, maybe I'll consider it a "lesson learned" and look at something else to handle my music library and CD burning. Thanks again.
  12. This is scarey! On my whole system?? I have two hard drives in my system, one which has lots of SS files including my backup file. I would hope the music files on this drive would remain intact, and only whatever files might still be found on the TARGET drive on which I would restore the backup would be lost. Is that correct, or does it search my entire system and delete old SS music files on both drives? Hard to imagine, but not impossible I guess.
  13. Well, I tried this on my files, but sadly of 265 tracks I had in "My Library," only 58 were optimized. I can't see any commonality to those it chose to optimize. These are all recordings I made of a choir I sing with, some on my old MZ-R50 and others on my MZ-RH1, all of them uploaded to my PC using the SonicStage ver 3.4 software that came with my RH1. I had been under the impression that ver 3.4 did not create copy protected files of its uploaded MD recordings, but, like so many others, when I replaced my hard drive and copied over my SS recordings, none of them would even play, much less burn to CDs or anything else. I'm a beginning beginner here, but there weren't lots of options in the conversion utility; I don't see where I went wrong. I was using the original files, original SS software and original hard disk (which I had re-installed). Maybe I'd be better off using the backup tool. Or am I way off base, and something else entirely is going on here? Might there be some other reason that my recordings would not play after being transferred to my new HD. (I noticed that all my original "packages" had OMA extensions, never OMG.) I was assuming, from all I've read in these forums, that it was a copy protection problem. Obviously, I need help. Any suggestions you have would be deeply appreciated! L
  14. This is EXACTLY the information I need! Thank you so much! I'm going to try save MY recordings tomorrow. I have been confused by reading two different processes for recovering such files: file conversion and backup/restore. And I'll certainly ditch my old version of Sonic Stage, but how do I get version 4.2? I've located only versions 4.0 and 4.3.
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