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  1. i can hardly find any "new" news regarding sony's plan for md/himd. all online articles i can find online are dated before early 2008. it seems md supporters are getting ignored little by little.
  2. i once read an article analyzing why sony tried everything to stop md users to digitally "upload" music. the author said the reason is very simple: sony owns a company called "sony columbia". sony need to protect its "copy right". there is internal conflicting interest among departments in sony. that might be the real reason why sony abandoned md. for those businessmen, they only need money and they do not know/care technology.
  3. tekdriod mentioned "flash-based players", then there is no meaning to keep on discussing mixed-mode MD. after all, there is only 1GB capacity for a Hi-MD disc, which costs almost the same as a no brand 1GB flash-memory mp3 player. i have to admit that sony lost the market for MD and there is no way to get that market back. sony killed its baby.
  4. i certainly know sony has those data-md disc and device. the problem is sony did not try to promote data-md when it had chance. well, it might be sony's business style: always screw itself up.
  5. i would say: the point is not what next for minidisc but what previous for minidisc if sony did not set up so many stupid rules for copy right protection, ipod should not have its chance. when people are used to listening "data" but not music, what can minidisc supporter expect? another thing i can never understand is: why sony did not promote data minidisc from the very beginning? how many years have we used shitty floppy disk?
  6. it is a pity to see that sony has abandoned minidisc, which is loved by so many people. i do not know if i should go get another minidisc portable player or a deck. if minidisc is discontinued worldwide, we all may end up with loads of discs that cannot be played back.
  7. thanks a lot, Guitarfxr. It seems that I have to "import" players using pricejapan.com or ebay.com. That must be the cost of liking something that is not so-called main stream.
  8. Hello,masters. I am a new one here and I would like to hear some advices from you. I bought my MD about 3 years ago and I really love it. I bought about 50 blank discs and used all of them. However, I do not know how long a portable MD player normally lasts. Therefore, I tried hard not to use it too frequently recently. The worse thing is that I can hardly get a portable MD player in US now. The other issue is if I should stick to MD format? I like it very much however it seems that its creator SONY already abandoned it. I am struggling now... I am thinking to get a Sony MDS-JE480 recently. That one is the only one that I can find in US stores. Anyway, just want you tell me if my 3 years old machine can stay another 3 years if I only use it to play back for upto 2 hours everyday. And if it is worthy to buy that Sony deck? Thanks a lot.
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