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  1. Item had been sold to BILB . Thanks
  2. Hi , I have another item for sale . This is MZ-N10's battery . This is new battery that have never been used . Since I bought RH1 I dont use N10 that much . And , old battery still holds excellent charge . So , whoever needs this battery . Please let me know . Thanks
  3. Yes , it can attach AA battery , but first you will need to find dry battery case . I never use USB to transfer music . I only use optical cable because this is MD Thanks
  4. Up for sale is SONY MD MZ-R900 . This is used but in prefect condition . All functions are working well . After moving , I had lose all the accessories only thing left was the battery ; I believe the battery still holds charge . Since I bought RH1 , I will have this sell for $40 shipped . I accept MO , or paypal . IF you have any questions . Let me know . Thanks
  5. Does this itme still available ???????????? send me more photo to win2731@hotmail.com
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