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  1. The unit arrived today from Austria. It is brand new. I played a couple of discs that I had recorded on the MDS E12 through it and in a normal listening environment, I cannot find any reason to fault the sound. It will suit me needs really well and as it is still brand new, unbelievably, it should last a very long time as I am careful with my gear. On paper the MDS E12 should sound better, at 98+ db signal to noise ratio, vs 92+ db for the Denon, but live or on air no one will be able to tell the difference so long as my levels are properly set. These retailed for $2200.00 new and I paid 336 Euros for the same - go figure! The seller had a BIN price of 1600 EUR on it, but gladly the auction did not attract much attention. With shipping it cost me $500.00 AU. By far my best deal purchase this year at least.
  2. A I am not sure how the double CD and double Minidisc machines are similar spec wise - can you say some more about this? Bear in mind, this is for use in a radio station that has its own processing before transmitting. Also, all my disc recording is done on a Sony MDS E12, so I will be able to compare the playback quality between the Sony and the Denon soon. The Denon will travel with me back and forth from home to the radio station.
  3. As I wait for my new machine to arrive, I have been trying to do a little research. On the MD Community Forums Equipment Browser page there often, as is the case with the Denon DN-M2300R no detailed production history info except to list it as Intro 2, where the Denon DN-M2000R by contrast is intro 1 Can someone help me with the production date of this machine, also the differences between Intro 1 and Intro 2 if anyone knows. I look forward to posting some detailed feedback on the 2300R soon. Any others here own or have used this machine?
  4. I I find that a set of jewellers scew-drivers, usually 8-10 different sizes, incl flat and Phillips head plus a set of Allen Keys like this http://www.ebay.com/...51#ht_500wt_883 and this http://www.ebay.com/...6#ht_1674wt_868 covers all my small jobs and with care they last forever. Its good to have a few tools around generally.
  5. I have/had similar needs for a new community radio programme, and after a couple of months of trawling the internet, I managed to find a new DN-M2300R from a Tech warehouse in Austria. It has not arrived yet, so I cannot verify the claims, but the seller does major AV projects and used ebay only it appears to sell off NOS. The auction did not generate a lot of interest so I managed to get it for 336 EUR. This plus postage put me $0.65 over my AU $500 budget - whew! Anyway I figured for the price it was worth the risk. It has very similar specs to the DN 991R/990 and I was considering a couple of these ex-BBC until the 2300 popped up. I like the features a lot. I'll use my MD ES12, wired into my home studio to record the discs, then carry the Denon back and forth to the radio station. It should be fun.. and I'll post a follow-up comment once the unit arrives.
  6. Any opinions on the quality of Panasonic 74 minute blanks vs the other brands? Thanks
  7. The stock Sony earphones are pretty good but I am wondering about what is available that I have not tried. Sports models included. What do you like the best?
  8. Its nice that the prices on these old top of the line units have now dropped to the level of new household stereo gear - I lashed out and bought one of each, and offer feedback as promised in an earlier thread. Firstly the Sony is much more versatile as a recorder as it has LP capacity where the Denon only has SP or 148 min Mono. So, for my work project for the church, where I need two hour continuous music programmes - the Sony fits this bill the best and the sound played through a basic PA in a large space is very good. Buuuut... Side by side, through the same mixer in my home studio with SP recordings the Sony is no match for the sound quality of the Denon - its not even close. Listening through the Denon is downright addictive - much more detailed than the Sony. So for my archival material the Denon becomes my first choice and for versatility the Sony still gets a lot of work. Seems fair to me - Its just a pity Denon is not producing MD recorders and players anymore. My two cents worth. If you find one of these Denons in good shape you can hear for yourself!
  9. The tech sheet on this upgrade is in our own equipment browser on the DN 991 page. The pdf is listed as 'supplemental' next to the manual download. Nothing, however on how to do the upgrade.
  10. I just picked up a second hand MZ NH 910 which appears to have a similar issue with charging. The charging light comes on for a while then goes off, but when I play the unit outside the cradle I still get a low battery message. I have been able to restart the recharge as was suggested. How long should a full recharge take? Should I consider trying the contact cleaner spray as you have? - I have never seen this stuff. Do the batteries have a life expectancy issue/should I consider buying some replacement gumsticks? If so what are the most reliable ones to get.. My MZ R700 - which this one replaces used rechargeble NI CD AAs which never had an issue. So many questions - such a little device! Thanks
  11. As of 2005, upgrades to the DN 991R were obtainable, converting them to DN 991 RM. This according to information I found here: http://audiotools.com/md.html I just bought one of the 991R's to use in my church and would be really grateful if someone can tell me more and/or direct me to the upgrades for these. Thanks!
  12. I suppose with the audiophile tag SP would be the only sensible way. Quality over quantity = haikuariti.
  13. Onkyo Australia is successfully selling these refurbished online through premiumhometheatre , both the 185X and the 185 MK II models on ebay recently. These do not have LP functions apparently but claim a lot of audiophile components. They are not included on the list of our equipment browser page and detailed specs are hard to come by. They are selling refurbished units with a 2 year Onkyo warranty for around the A$200. mark. Does anyone have spec sheets lying around on these we could add to the MD information base? They seem to be quite popular.
  14. I ended up getting two so I have a back up for the longer term. I bought an MZ NH1 and an MZ N910.
  15. Thanks there seem to be a few of the 910s around - they seem to be very similar to the N1. They are all over $100 on ebay still.
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