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  1. One other thing. This should probably be filed under 'duh' or 'you think?', but I've also found it kinda buggers up the program when one literally turns the program on while a CD is being loaded into the drive. I still can't figure out how I find all these new and exciting ways to destroy things. Must be my talent, lol.
  2. Heh, if only. All the tracks on that album are over 6 minutes, and the last one is nearly 8. It's just an odd disc having a bit of trouble with an odd drive. Al workable though.
  3. Now we've all heard the stories about SonicStage freezing up in the middle of something and I actually got 4.2 to do something odd last night. This is actually the first occurrence of it's kind for me. One of my CDs, the Broken Arrow soundtrack, has always had an odd quirk of sorts. I first ran into it when using Nero, which actually isn't that bad. It was bundled with my Sony burner from three years ago and actually has the remove gap between tracks function in it. (here we go again, hehe) Anyway, whenever I tried to take only the 8th and last track which is the ending overture, the program didn't want to do anything, so I'd select 7 as well as 8 and it would go through the process of ripping 7 then go through to 8. Odd, but I could work around it by just deleting 7 from the project I was going to burn onto the CD I was making. Now whereas the fairly stable Nero would just not do anything and stay put and operating, SonicStage just outright froze and had to be shut down with the end now button. Fortunately for my sanity, I was able to get around the problem by doing the same thing, selecting both 7 and 8 to be copied. I guess the long and short of this useless diatribe is to try ripping the file right before it so the system kinda gets fooled, or revved up to copy or whatever the heck happens in there. Strange CD. However, if you run into an instance where the first track insists on driving you buggy, one may want to try making a straightforward copy of the CD or using a dubbing deck and music CD-RW to copy the problematic tracks and putting that disc in the computer. Bit of a bugger, but if you're slightly insane or just dementedly determined like myself it's worth it. Still a headache though, lol. Good luck guys, James.
  4. Lol, thanks for the comments guys. BTW, I don't own an I-Pod and don't plan to. Anyway, my ultimate goal is to just transfer the full quality 1400bit WAV files onto the HI-MD disc in full uncompressed quality. I've already started using SonicStage to copy a bunch of CDs into the uncompressed format. I just wanted to be sure that SonicStage would import those WAV files onto the HI-MD in the original quality and play gaplessly. I assume it's the same as importing directly from a CD since the program makes those freekin' huge sized files. Side note, I'm definitely getting an rh1 or m200 with the USB 2.0 since transferring the wave files between my OLD Gateway and thumbdrive with 1.1 is murder. Yikes. I actually go into the SonicStage file and just copy or cut the files and place them elsewhere since WAV is free to use wherever. I only use that computer now and then for ripping because it has a better Sony drive in it. Anyway, sorry for babbling too much guys. Thanks for the tips.
  5. Hey guys, I some time ago downloaded and installed Sonic Stage 4.2 and only in the last couple days started playing around with making uncompressed WAVs out of a few of my CDs. Though the programs plays the CDs without putting that annoying break in between tracks that lead into each-other, I've noticed the library doesn't offer the same smoothness as playing the CD. While I understand this since it's playing separate WAV files, I must admit I'm a little nervous of blowing a bunch of money on a HI-MD device to find it plays just like an I-Pod. The long and short of it is, do HI-MDs play just like CDs, or am I getting a slight hiccup in between tracks which run into each-other? I'd appreciate any and all comments on the matter. This issue still has me feeling a bit like a headless chicken. Thanks, James.
  6. Thanks for the info, but I'm still not clear, will both programs put music on HI-MD or regular MD in the highest quality bit rate for that format?
  7. So, what does Kenwood, Onkyo, and Panasonic make in the way of HI-MD? I've seen a few Onkyo shelf stereo models, but haven't been able to get much information on them. What actually has optical outs and can be used as a component deck since no one seems to make one? (shame on Sony!!!!!) I'm tempted to someday when I've finally gotten my degree in electrical engineering to get an old standard home deck, rip out it's insides and figure out how to put the internals of a portable HI-MD unit in there to make my own home HI-MD deck, if it's even possible. Heck, I'll make it possible. (insert manic laugh here, followed by hacking cough) Anyway, any light you can shine on this bleak quagmire would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.
  8. Hey guys, I just found on Ebay a lightly used RH-910 with a buy it now price of around $260 US with ear buds, headphones, two mics, AC adapter, and the books for it. It also comes with a AA external pack for it. Is the 910 any good? Should I buy it? I really want something good to take on my European holiday this summer. As usual, any and all comments are welcome and appreciated. One mor ething guys, I really am more interested in putting CDs on minidisc, be they standard or HI-MD. Should I just use that MD burner program I've heard about? Thanks guys.
  9. Yeah, I know the 600D is practically being given away by everyone else, but the RH1 is something I'd buy and use forever, or as long as it would last. Thanks for the input though, I really appreciate it.
  10. Thanks guys for your comments. So it seems to make the highest quality standard minidisc I'll either require a stand alone CD to MD machine, or to buy an RH1 or the like. And either way, the cost of a stand alone unit plus a standard portable is about the same as a HI-MD machine anyway. Crap, I dont' have that sort of money to throw around right now. Oh well, someday then I guess. *grumble grumble grumble*
  11. Hello everyone, I don't currently yet own a minidisc machine, and since the MZ-RH1 which I really want is too out of my price range for what money I hav eat the moment, I was wondering if the new software such as 4.2 would work with any of the old players which are still available new from Amazon and Ebay. If it is compatible, would I be able to upload from an MD to my PC like the new HI-MD units? Or am I better off getting an R37 and just using one of those home CD to MD units to make my disc?Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.
  12. Then I will find that person and very slowly and extremely painfully torture them to death. No one messes with me when it comes to electronics.
  13. This is sooooooooooooooooooo not something I'd have a sense of homour about. I wish at least that HI-MD deck from Sony I saw pictures of here comes out soon. That is if it has digital out. At least it'd better, otherwise I'm hunting down whichever baka kisama at Sony decided to bollox around with us. Cheers guys.
  14. OK guys, just so I have everything clear, the RH1 can be plugged into any computer using XP or higher and used as a drive without the SonicStage software, and SonicStage version 4.2 will allow me to put music on, transfer it back to the pc, and do this all without messing with whatever order and names I want the files in? I also heard that one can't upload MDs which were made using NET-MD portables, and after making a recording on the RH1, putting it on the pc, then putting it back on the RH1, one can't use any of the editing functions on the portable. Is this true? The latter doesn't really pertain to me, and I don't see why one would want to, but if I acquire old MDs on Ebay or something, decide I like and want to keep the music on it, I wouldn't mind being able to make a copy of it or back it up. I appreciate any and all comments. Thank you.
  15. So, at the risk of sounding really slow, as far as using it to store things besides music, like documents, programs, programs, it just plugs in as is and works? I knew one needed SonicStage for the transfer of music to the thing. Just wondering about using it as an external drive like those flash usb drives. Thanks for the input.
  16. What I had in mind was ripping cds and possibly the odd MP3 file to a minidisc, be it standard or HI-MD, and using it as an external drive. I'd probably rarely, if ever use the line in or mic recording feature, hence my looking at the RH1 instead of the M200 since the 200 comes with a powered microphone. And why does everyone say it comes with 3.4 when all other info I can get says 3.0? I just simply want to stick music in the darn thing without the software rearranging things on it's own and giving me trouble. Thanks for the tip. What about the drivers though? Can I plug it into any computer and use it like a thumb drive, or does it need the special drivers for every machine it's used on? Thanks.
  17. Hold on mate, you're telling me that this ridiculously expensive Onkyo CD/HI-MD unit doesn't even have optical out for the MD bit? Why? Are there any other HI-MD decks which aren't portable out there? And if not, what the heck are those z y zeds smoking?
  18. I've been reading reviews and experiences for Sony products for months. I love minidiscs and think they're a brilliant idea. The reason I haven't bought anything yet is the seemingly innocuous little white bunny which chews heads off known as Sony's products are making me consider running away while screaming my head off. After being scared away from the NET MD products, I considered giving up on a seemingly dead media and going to an (shudder) MP3 player, but not an I-Pod. No offense to I-Pod users and owners, I think they're a cheap, chintzy status symbol and not worth my time. So I looked at the Sony Walkman line of digital players. Same story as the MD, great sound, works well, has really crappy, really really nasty software. Eek. Then I looked into those expensive but nice HI-MD units and decided I may like to buy an MZ-RH1 or MZ-M200. Wikipedia said the later versions of SonicStage seemed to do away with most of the BS, then I read about 3.3 and a new slew of horror stories. (Run away! Run Away!) Then I hear 3.4 is good, and everyone here says the RH1 comes with it. Nu-uh, the listings on Amazon and Ebay all say 3.0. Then I hear about 4 and 4.2, now 4.3. Ugh, my brain is about to break here. Now add on the fact that though it can be used as a computer drive too, it needs drivers. Is this the one piece of hardware on the planet which even XP-Pro can't handle by simply plugging it in and the device saying 'hello, here I am?' Not that big of a deal really, but when boasting to friends about how cool and versatile this thing is, it kinda makes you look like a dickhead (am I allowed to put that here?) when you have to say 'wait a sec, gotta load the drivers.' Not cool, lol. So, what is the story with this? Which version of software is the less buggy, most easy to use, and least frustrating for someone with XP-PRO, and can this thing just plug into any computer like any 10 dollar thumb drive? Please help me guys, I can't take much more of this, my brain is melting. Thanks to anyone who can give me even a crumb here, James.
  19. I have to admit I did come in here rather like a mad man. I'd have use the term 'like a bull in a china shop,' but it seem untrue after that Mythbusters episode. Lol. The point is, you're right, I came in ranting and screaming at the people here who have neither said nor done anything to me to warrant such rash and vile behaveiour. It seems all the bollox and rubbish I've slammed into online rather made me see red, and I didn't take enough of a breather to at least give this site a proper go and write a calm, if somewhat frustrated toned question. I'd like to blame Sony and their rediculously stupid software, but that would be a cop out. A very bad one. These forums are meant for clear, coherent questins, and one must remember that every time one signs in. What I'm trying to say in my wordy, roundabout way is I'm sorry for acting like an arrogant pig of a man. Sorry guys, what you do is a good thing, and shouldn't be ruined by a few idiots, namely me.
  20. For your information mate, I'm here to stay, since others seem to realize I'm not blasting but speaking from frustration, especially with all the horror stories out there about Sony's crappy software. And I've been to countless 'free' sites which say 'oh, you want to actually do stuff here? Well, it's gonna cost ya.' So if you're not going to be helpful, and actually read more into the message and see that it's nothing personal to yourself or the forum, I'd rather you not said anything at all. If anyone were as desperate for some information as I was, I really wouldn't care if the tone was that frustrated snippy tone, just as long as it isn't snippy for the sake of being snippy. One simply has to be able to see the difference. Plus, what's this hang up with introductions? This isn't exactly a country club here. If I ruffled your feathers a bit, it's not your place to make a public spectacle of the whole matter. At least send a private message telling me you found offense, and to please tone it down a bit, instead of going right to the public rooms and saying 'see ya.' It's just like running straight to the teacher when there was a simple little misunderstanding which if properly talked through, could be resolved before involving more people than necessary. I'm not there to piss people off, just to get information, and pardon me if I'm a bit frazzled by the 100,000 different stories I keep getting all over the place, it does tend to wear on the nerves. So in short, have a bit more patience with people, you may find they're not so bad upon closer inspection. Really sorry about the temper mate, I've been pulled a thousand different directions trying to figure out what's what. Thank you very much for your information, it was quite helpful, I appreciate it. I'll tone myself down a bit, I do get out of hand more than a bit too much. Again, thanks for the info.
  21. Hey guys, I downloaded the drivers for all HI-MD devices since I plan on buying one someday, yet the blastard web site won't let me download any of the SonicStage programs. It's rather frustrating since I don't want to mess around with those silly downloader programs which force me to hav eEVERY computer I want to use it on connected to the blasted internet to install it. I keep getting a forbidden access page which also says 404 error. Is it because I have the basic of th ebasic memberships? If that's the case I'm logging out for good right now, it's silly to make a supposedly free forum then force members to pay for the downloads. I'd go through the Hell of downloading it every time I need to use it just to spite such roguery. If anyone has some idea what is going on here, please let me know. Sincerely, James.
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