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    MD data

    Now before you guys start yelling at me, keep in mind I am an ignorant newbie. Now, that in mind, I was wondering about MD data discs. They look to be the same physically as regular minidiscs, so I was wondering if it were at all possible to use them with a Hi-MD recorder. Now though I have one of those discs and a recorder on the way, I'm not going to do something stupid and destroy the blasted thing finding out, so if there is someone with more technical knowledge than I've been able to amass from online or has even been crazy enough to try it, could you tell me if they'll work? Thanks for reading and I appreciate any and all input. Thanks a lot guys, James.
  2. laidler

    HI-MD discs

    Damn, guess the best deals really are Ebay. God I hate auctions, I really really hate them. Before I bought the MZ-M100 I have on the way now I bid on a new one with 10 new HI-MD discs, and some little (censored) outbid me by $2.50. Urgh, how is this supposed to be fun? Oh well, guess I'll just have to keep my eyeballs peeled. Thanks guys, James.
  3. As far as I know after HI-MD came on the scene bye bye went the old NET-MD units, but I could be wrong. After the horror stories I've heard I'd likely as soon as mine arrives just save everything as .WAV files and just use that extra step and bunch of crap to do as a backup as well as a system of redundancy. Something goes screwy there just go back to the source and try again. I might just say sod it and accept I lost some tracks, fume for a while, then get over it and just be more careful in the future. Sorry for your bad luck mate, James.
  4. laidler

    HI-MD discs

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there was anywhere I can buy some HI-MDs on the cheap. I just ordered a new box of 5 from Ebay for counting shipping just barely over 30 bucks, is that as cheap as I'm going to find them or can I get lucky somewhere else? If I can't that's fine, just going to take me longer to build my collection. I'd also like to find a mess of regular ones as well, but Ebay has me covered for that, it's just annoying that they're all auctions and not buy it now, ugh, greedy buggers, lol. Anyway, as usual any and all comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks guys, James.
  5. GP, where do I find one of those?
  6. Hey guys, I just purchased an MZ-M100 on Ebay, yay, only one thing, the guy says the old battery won't hold a charge anymore, so I've been looking up the NH-10WM And found a bunch of cheap aftermarket models, and I really have no clue which I should purchase, so I was wondering if you guys could direct me to a particularly good store and battery make and model. Thanks for your help guys, James.
  7. That's great to hear, thanks mate. Wish me luck.
  8. Yikes!!! Guys, just keep trying Ebay. I've seen them before so just keep looking, don't spend a bunch more money of foreign auctions. Heck, you might get lucky and find an auction for the whole lot and get it for a low bid, have an extra unit and just share a remote between them. Just make sure the seller has good feed back ratings. Good luck friends, James.
  9. Hey guys, I'm thinking of buying an MZ-M100, which seems to be the same thing, and was wondering if it was still compatible with SonicStage 4.2. I'm fairly sure it is compatible, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks for reading guys and any replies with be rewarded with E-cookies, and E-milk, lol. Seriously though, thanks guys. I may finally get one, YAY! Waited years for this.
  10. Hey guys, anyone know of a reliable source of these things for under 350 bucks? Ebay seems a bit dry right now, and although beachcamera has MZ-M200s for 340 with free shipping, their recent feedback has me running for the hills, has anyone come across if not a great deal, something that won't leave a very bad taste in my mouth? Amazon is out, and for now all the lightly used Ebay ones with a bunch of extras that people like to throw in have all been nabbed up. I hate that now I finally have the money for one of the blasted things there are none to be bought. The universe hates and is out to get me it seems. I appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you, James.
  11. I still prefer the black myself, looks more business like and professional, but whatever floats your boat I say.
  12. laidler

    Sony PCM-M10

    If you know where to look they're cheaper. Ebay has many new 5 packs for 28 dollars or so, which is still per GB cheaper than micro SD, never stick with only the standard retail sites, to find the better deals one must branch out. I a couple years ago bought such a 5 pack for a friend for that price too, and they are still that price, assuming the seller hasn't had their brain removed and think they can overcharge for them. Case in point, here. http://cgi.ebay.com/SONY-HMD-1G-5-MINI-DISC-DISCS-1-GB-MiniDisc-Hi-MD-1GB_W0QQitemZ380191053335QQcmdZViewItemQQptZBI_Blank_Media?hash=item5885271617
  13. laidler

    Sony PCM-M10

    I was unaware of the power plant of this machine. Since even HI-MDs are cheaper per unit than equivalent SD cards I might just try getting one of those. Unless someone knows where one would find RELIABLE micro SD cards for less than 7 dollars with at least 1 gig on them that is.
  14. Thanks , will keep my eyes open here in the US. Later mate (I'm Australian so don't yell at me for saying mate), James.
  15. laidler

    Sony PCM-M10

    Hey guys, can this little Walkman like beauty play and record directly to something plugged into the USB port or is it all the internal and micro SD slot? Would be great if it could play directly from say an external hard drive. Anyway, thanks guys, James.
  16. Thanks a lot Hungerdunger, I appreciate your time and effort. Looks like I will get the more expensive one after all, probably acquire a cheaper older type for running around with. Thanks a lot guys, James. BTW, Hungerdunger, is there any chance you'll sell one of your RH1s since your profile things lists you having 3? Everyone on Ebay wants to charge me 340 or so, and the lightly used ones with a bunch of accessories are gone, at least for now. Just a thought. Never mind though if they're all your babies, I'd completely understand. Again, thanks.
  17. So, basically, whether I get the more expensive rh1/m200 or the cheaper nh1/rh10/rh910 putting data and music on the disc are going to be the same? That doesn't seem right since external cd/dvd burners work just fine at their advertised write speeds. Well, if the former is true then I simply must suffer for my listening pleasure, but I might try to get the 2.0 models since I'd likely be copying stuff from discs used for data. I still reckon it would be silly to make a more expensive unit that doesn't have a faster writing speed, if even by a a factor of two or four since other optical media go that way. Though I am aware that MO is accurate because it's pretty much obsessive compulsive, but being 2.0 should count for something, if even a slight improvement in speed. There anyone out there who have one of each who would be kind enough to take a fairly large sized file and put it on a disc using one of the earlier then the newer units to have a fairly good representation? I'd do it myself but I don't have that sort of cash on me. However I must admit to being quite attracted to the Sony PCM-M10, it's just not as cool as MD. On a side note, if anyone has info of that unit too it would be greatly appreciated. If I had the money I'd get both, especially since the PCM-M10 looks like a Walkman, big plus for me. I just hope it can play directly from a flash drive or external hard drive plugged into the USB port like those car stereos, now THAT would be awesome. Thanks for the info folks, James.
  18. I plan to put in uncompressed .WAVs mate, they take forever to go from my dinosaur (other pc) Gateway to my flash drive, so I don't want to be sitting there till the next coming of Jesus waiting for my music to go in. So does anyone know what the USB speed of this thing is? Because if it's slower than the RH1/M200, I'll just buy one of those. I also do plan to use it for mass storage. Save the 1 gig discs and buy a bunch of old regular MDs and use those for things too big to keep on the PC but too small to bother with putting on a cd. Thanks guys, James.
  19. Hey guys, I've recently found an attractively priced NH1 but I'm really concerned about the USB speed. There seems to be conflicting ideas here, and even the user's manual doesn't give me any info. I know for a fact the RH1 and M200 are USB 2.0, but there's no info on the NH1. What are the factual numbers on this unit? Is it old series one 1.1 speed or is it 2.0 like the new ones? It's a pretty unit and is up for a nice price, but I hate transferring thing from the Gateway Dinosaur, so I'd rather transfer my uncompressed .WAVS and go. I appreciate any responses on the matter. Thank you, James.
  20. I kinda agree with the last posting. Sounds like something was knocked loose in the amplifier section. So either give it a good smack which seems to work with Sony portables, at least my crappy logic controlled Walkman, or just take it to an MD technician who knows how to fix it if you don't feel up to taking it apart yourself. If that doesn't work, try Ebay for a replacement. Good luck.
  21. laidler

    Sony mz-nh1

    Hey guys, I've been looking at a few items and was wondering if the NH1 is USB 2.0 or 1.1. I love it's looks and everything, but if it's only got 1.1 I think I'll skip it. I'd appreciate any and all info on this unit from those who know about/own it. Thanks guys.
  22. Thanks for dropping the program name. Anyway, SonicStage makes the 1411kbps WAVs and plays them rather well actually. So does Windows Media Player which I like because of the visualizations (sad, I know), the funny thing with Media Player which SonicStage doesn't do is if there are more than one WAV in the list there's this odd minor hiccup very near the end of each track as though the program's going 'crap, it's nearly the end, gotta get ready for the next file.' I even tried putting the tracks into the media library. Still no joy. Very odd, but until I Try out foobar or whatever else I end up with I'll just deal with Sony's program. So what's a good website to get foobar200 from anyway? Cnet's site seems rife with viruses. Thanks for your comments guys.
  23. Ugh, I give up. I'll just deal with slight gaps in my music on the computer. I know now HI-MD plays with no gaps, so that isn't an issue anymore. I only wanted to know if I could get my PC to play the files in whatever program with no gaps, but getting answers is like getting an error notice from the PC and not know what exactly I should do to fix it. If I'm supposed to enable something, don't just tell me what it is, tell me how it's done please.
  24. Enough about the transfer speed, we've moved past that one. I don't care that it'll take forever to transfer a bunch of WAV files to an RH1 using a 2.0 computer. Or about the Battery life. I'm now concerned about playing the files in my computer with no gaps if it's at all possible. People keep going on about Microsoft PCM Converter and the latest Direct X, and enabling stuff without telling me how to do it. Could someone please give me a straightforward answer? BTW, stop pushing other players already. I want a HI-MD unit darn it and I'm going to get one, lol. Why are you even here in a minidisc forum if you're going to go on about other machines?
  25. So how do I enable the Microsoft PCM Encoder thingy? Yes I said thingy. Don't throw a bunch of computer techno-babble at me and expect me to make total sense of it. Though I'm not a complete moron I'm not a Geek Squad employee either. If I were I wouldn't have this problem, lol I've searched for the blasted thing and have come up with zero. So could someone please tell me in simple enough terms how to get my wave albums to play with no gaps if it's at all possible. Thanks guys.
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