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  1. Hi all, Would one of you acronym-wielding md nerds be kind enuf to explain to me what all this means, as if i were really simple and stupid?! Ie, what do all the letters stand for and what do they mean? What is a codec? What form would a recording made on a mini disc player (both in normal mode and Hi-md) be in? Does this change depending if its in standard play or long play? I have windows xp and some fandangle new motherboard (gigabyte s-series GA-MA74GM-S2H), 500gig hd, and 1gig of RAM...don't know if thats relevant or not...but i was reading u r sposed 2 download some codec (Atrac3?)... Blaaaaahhhhhhh...can someone put it in English for me?! Tahnx
  2. thanks guys, that was very useful! I'm totally new to all the codecs (right word?!) used to record music, and what they mean..it sounds just like swahili to me! (and i don't speak Swahili!!) Shelly
  3. Thanks everyone for all yr help! So am i correct in saying that ordinary cd'd use WAV format?? And is ATRAC3 what hi-md records to ??? And do these names refer to the shape of the soundwave, or what ?! Cheers, Shelly
  4. Hi..you think you're not nerdy enuf 2 understand all the tecnical jargon..well, i'm the ultimate ...it all sounds like Swahili 2 me..but i'm hoping that will change...i've just put money down on an RH1, and can't wait to start playing with it! Can someone please tell me what all the different music file types/play/record modes are? Eg, WAV, PCM LP, SP, Hi-SP (?), ATRAC, ATRAC3 etc...etc.... From what i can gather, pcm is highest uncompressed quality?..but really, i'm in the dark! Totally i the dark..only vague concepts (eg, Atrac is compressed?)...but don't even know the difference between what these thigs refer to, ie which ones are a file type, which ones are a recording mode.... Thanks, i'm sure one of u wonderful MD nerds can explain it 2 me!\ Cheers!
  5. Thanks Sinus, I've decided to get the RH1 ..its so sexy! Appapantly u can upload any personal minidisc recording and then burn to cd! If u have any tips on the Rh1, i'd love to hear them, Thanks Shelly
  6. Thanx Sinus, great to geta reply! That info was useful, but what i also need to know is about the recordings AFTER you have already gotten them onto your pc....what i need 2 know is whether they can then be burned to an ordinary cd...i read some very conflicting reviews on this! One said u can't, as sony has a copyright restriction inplace, and another guy said he often puts his jam sessions fom md onto pc then onto cd for distribution amongs friends....confusing! That is one of things i wanna do, so need to know b4 buying! Cheers
  7. Hi, I'm looking at getting a Hi MD..Do i buy the NEW MZ RH1 for around $450 (Australian), or do i get either an MZ NH1 or an MZ NHF800 secondhand ?? I read conflicting reviews about whether personal recordings (eg, voice, gig etc..) can be burned to a cd once uploaded to the pc...which is one of the main things i wanted to do. Two reviews said it couldn't be done as Sony put a copyright restriction on recordings...another 2 said they happily transfer their stuff from pc to cd..hmmmm confusing! And how troublesome is ss software..whats the latest??? Thanks,from a kinda beginner (i've got an ol sharp md thats hardly worth talking 'bout ). Shelly
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