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  1. Interested in purchasing a "gently" used, or new, clear, hard plastic case for my NW-A3000 20GB Walkman. The model number is (CKH-NWA3000). I would like to have before Christmas. I live in the U.S., so please keep that into account if you have one, especially regarding shipping, and other costs.
  2. My boyfriend, who also has an NW-A1200, tried to hook it up for me via the computer. He forgot to authorize it..... I broke my NW-A1200 by simply dropping it when I got out of my car. It comes on, but I can't get past the "Every moment has its music" screen and it stays stuck on that, and won't turn off. I have to do a "reset" to turn it off. I haven't had a spare minute to try what you guys said-- as soon as I do, I will notify. I truly appreciate your helping me! I would hate to have to sell this on eBay..... Oh, I forgot to ask... What if I don't want to use CONNECT and stick with SoundStage? Or are they now one and the same?
  3. I'll keep both of you updated on the progress. I truly appreciate your time and help with this! Thank you!
  4. They sent me a new one in the box, never used. I will try to initialize the player, but when it asks me to authorize my player onto the Connect service-- what do I tell it then?
  5. A friend who lives in Japan, sent me a Sony NW-A3000 Walkman, as I broke the U.S. version one I owned-- NW-A1200. I live in Chicago, IL. I had SonicStage on my computer (Windows XP) to use with my U.S. version Walkman. I tried using it with the NW-A3000, but I keep getting a message on the computer: *************** Non-U.S. Access It appears that your computer is currently accessing Connect from outside the United States. Due to licensing restrictions, music on Connect is not available for download from outside the United States. *************** I do not want to use the "Connect" disk that came with the Japanese NW-A3000, as I have read the horror stories... I want to keep SoundStage. Is there anyway I can use the Japanese Version here in the States? How do I go about it? Thanks!
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