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  1. I have the same problem - there appears to be a new (free) service from Sony Japan which recovers these discs, but I can't find the details - anyone know more? Richard.
  2. Thanks for the advice guys. All my 'Net MD' discs were actually recorded via line-in (as are my Hi-Md ones). Does this mean that I could use an RH1 to upload all my songs to my PC? Does it do it via USB? If so, it may be worth my while getting hold of one. I'm not familiar with the optical method - does it have to be done in real-time? Would I need a special card for my PC? A lot of questions I know. Does anyone know how people got on with Sony retrieving their songs from Hi-Md (topic: Free Data Recovery Service for Sony Hi-MD 1GB)? Cheers, Richard
  3. Hello. I've had non-Hi Mds for years and only had 1 disc go bad (out of dozens!). Since I've had Hi-MD, 6 out of the 10 discs I have are unreadable ("format error disc"). I've managed to recover some of the files from the discs, but I don't know how to decode the music from them. Can anyone help? One of the main reasons I bought my MZ NH600 was that I was told it could upload my musioc to my PC. I have only managed to do this with 3 Hi-Md discs, the others are corrupt, and the non-Hi MD discs won't upload at all. Surely someone has managed to find a way to transfer these without the laborious line-out method?! I have about 20 discs to transcode, then I will not be needing my 2 MD units anymore. Is anyone interested in retrieving the music from them in return for the 2 units and the discs? Thanks. Rich963@yahoo.com
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