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  1. Hey, thank You all for all info, it looks like I've fixed that ;_) thnx to yours advice, I've switched cable ribbons and deck records and play! The only thing, what worries me is.I've recorded few discs already and the only problem I have is always with the first record, only when the deck is in no use for a while, the first try of recording sometimes fails. The disc I recorded of course, but skipping.then I play another disc and after a few minutes the deck works great. It looks like it needs warm up. Maybe its problem with laser power?. Besides that it works fine. Anyway I wouldn't recommend MD_JE510, the only option is SP mode? Its a joke, in this case u can actually record 1 cd to 1 md 1 , not much space left
  2. Hey, i've replaced over write head, but i got another problem, when i put the disc into player i get a message 'TOC Reading" after that the disc is ejected with a message "disc error'. I've tried many discs and I've got same message. I think i connected all ribons cable correct. what do You think can cause that? maybe over write head is not connected? i thought i did it right. when i had broken overwrite head before, i could play at least recorded tracks, and now i dont have even message 'blank disc'. I've tried to check your link with PDF (toutorial how to replace over write head ) but Your web is in french. thnx for help
  3. Hey, I'm back ;-) I've got another 'not working' MD-JE510 (look like its the worst model from Sony), this time I've got it from a friend. The player has a problem with auto-loading discs, other functions seem to work, I'm just wondering, it it easier to fix the auto-loading mechanism or just dissemble the whole thing, take out a working overhead and put in in my old MD, where everything works fine except the overhead. I was looking online for a auto-loading scheme but cant find anything. Replacing the overhead look pretty complicated to me. what do u think?
  4. im wondering...., soon we"ll get Windows 7, but the only one software for HI MD players from Sony (SonicStage), doesn"t even support Vista 64 Bit. So the question is...Does Sony really care about clients??? maybe we should gather together one day and write that upgrade. i promise i"ll do my best because i understand ,it could be for Sony too complicated
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