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  1. needs more minidisc storage

  2. For HI-MD I use only ATRAC lossless, and was using LP2 for net MD, but based on what I've been reading here, I'm going to try SP on net MD to see how it sounds compared to AAL.
  3. Great person to business with, his communication was excellent, very fast turn around time in terms of getting the MD player shipped. I'd be happy to business with him again. Sportster44
  4. Fixed and everything works like a charm. Thanks for the info.
  5. No, metal contacts are still attached and working fine. Just the plastic chrome door.
  6. PM'd. Sorry about the repeated PMs, laptop was acting up.
  7. Thanks anyways. But for $20 more I can have a new unit with full warranty.
  8. The door is completed detached from the unit at the hinge where the battery door is supposed swing open.
  9. Uh oh. How specific are we talking? fine screwdrivers? or something way worse?
  10. OK, but what am I super gluing? and given the electrical contacts are also in the door, gluing it concerns me and it will never be as strong as new. Got a search going on for RH-10s on ebay for parts, but I'm also wondering what other units use the same door, so that I can look for those as well for a parts donor?
  11. I'd be very interested at $300 shipped to Canada via USPS Priority and insurance added on top.
  12. Broke the battery door for the internal battery. I can still get the door to seat shut and the unit charges and plays, but I'm wondering if it's possible to repair or replace? Ideas?
  13. I'm not of same mindset, iget a new car every 2 years, i love my flatscreen TV and my blueray player. But I also love my MD... simply because it's the best sounding player I've heard. Is it a cult type item? Probably... but that doesn't mean it's not good.Sure flash memory and HDDs are more convenient, but for me it's about the sound quality, and I think that MD still ranks in top echelon .
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