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  1. If it's OK with Bland, I might be able to mirror the gallery on my site.
  2. Have you tried qhimdtransfer? It uploads tracks fine for me from my RH910 and RH1, and it's a lot faster than SonicStage. For some reason, SonicStage refuses to recognize the 910, but qhimdtransfer works fine. I use in in Linux, but there's a Windows version.
  3. A couple of years ago, a third-party group came up with a program that allows uploads of recordings without the use of SonicStage. I record individual tracks into a multitrack unit, then dump them in PCM to MD. From there, I can upload them to a Linux box and do the editing. For burning discs, I use SonicStage through Virtualbox.
  4. 1) 24, in the mid-1990's. People used the word "extreme" a lot, and the X-Files was still catching on. 2) No. In fact, I recently gave it away. 3) I use MiniDisc for recording on a regular basis, and as a playback medium about half the time. 4) I listen to new and old music. 5) Not really. I have a couple of units I don't use much, but most see regular use. 6) Yes. I've enjoyed the convenience of other portable formats, but I still prefer MD for serious listening. 7) It's still a practical situation. I'll take audio fidelity over the convenience of mp3 most times.
  5. I haven't been on in a few months, and it looks as if the site is down. Is this permanent or just a temporary outage?
  6. Both units are claimed. I'm glad these will be put to good use.
  7. I don't need these two units anymore. I don't need to sell them, but I'd rather see them put to good use. So, here's the deal. If you want one, send me a box big enough to hold it, and I'll use it to send you the unit. Heck, throw in a cool blank disc, and I'll be happy. I can always use those. The first one is an R70. It's pretty much impeccable, except for some very slight scuffs on the LCD. It doesn't do MDLP or USB. It's just a good field recorder. It comes with the remote. The second is a DN-430. I picked it up on a lark but never actually used it. It's an MDLP NetMD unit. Condition is pretty much new. Neither unit has a battery or AC adapter, but they take AA batteries. No box or any other accessories are included. Let me know.
  8. Paid promptly and was very patient despite shipping being delayed on my end. Thanks!
  9. Paid quickly, and great communication. A great asset to the community!
  10. It's OK. For a moment there, I thought I was just really popular. EH930 is sold.
  11. At this point, it's hard to gauge what a fair price would be on that one. The price isn't set in stone, however.
  12. Asking $200 for each. The first is a blue MZ-EH930, pictured here. It's a Hi-MD player. The second is a blue MZ-NH700. I don't have pictures, but you can see the specs here. The NH700 is a Hi-MD recorder. All three are in like-new condition, with little (if any) use. All have boxes, with all original accessories and manuals. The E630 was only turned on, set up in English and played once. The E930 was used around the house as a player, but shows no wear whatsoever. The NH700 was solely hooked up to the computer for burning discs.
  13. Those are the ones I saw about a year and a half back at a local Wal Mart. Must be old stock. Of course, you could get those for ~$30 on eBay for awhile.
  14. What units? About a year back, one local location had a couple of the "Psyc" units in a clearance bin. Probably cleaning out old stock.
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