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  1. Success :)

    Used the 17mm belt as recommended off the ebay seller for a 940 deck.

    I did notice however that it is a lot thicker than the original belt.

    Still it works.








    Took something like 10minutes through the gap as 2many did (after i took the top off)


    First two attempts the band flicked off and i had to fish it out of the transport.


    I would recommend some bent tweezers as the straight ones i used had difficulty holding the belt when it was stretched.


    thanks bearboy and kgallen


    Sat here typing this while listening to my MD play for the first time in 6 months or so :)

  2. The russian video link doesnt seem to exist?


    "See the video from this thread."

    Is the "this" part a link as it is now anymore.


    I see i have already been interested in fixing this problem before.

    I thought my memory was of a dodgy belt in my sony 611 tape deck!

    More stuff to fix

  3. thanks for the information i will try to have a look at the weekend.


    It has been very annoying that every single one of my 5 standalone decks have eject issues from the top end 555es to the lowly 920

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