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  1. thanks all, I go to Germany tonight, soon as im home, I will have a chat and organise what we can do, Stephen that being said, I could send both mechs from a 980 and 940? or is the whole machine needed? I got two walkmans that need repair too, for now I need the deck fixed, thanks every one
  2. Hello Sfbp, thanks mate and others; yes I will try what you said, btw I did do and IOP output CD and MO test and test with a TDYS-1 disc and the MO Optical system passed all tests :/ maybe its an alignment issue? it so far has affected ALL my JVC crystal gold discs and about 3 coloured sony ones. The JVCs wont even spin I hear the laser tring to read tho, its very strange it wont even spin the JVCs but will all the rest. :/, I need it fixed, but there is no one left in Australia that can fix them Even before I jolted it, ALL discs worked how ever they get stuck and jam on ejecting; and go back in, thats why I jolted it, to get the discs out. no they dont come out warm, but that being said when I insert a disc some times but not all, they go in and the over write head engages but does not do any thing to the disc, the disc pushes an actuator in the mech and it pushed the head down onto the disc, so with the whole jaming issue, i thing there is an issue with the disc mech perhaps not the laser, I have also a MDS-JB940 that did the same thing, i lubed it up with PAO lubricant M-kote grease and made it worse, until i opened my 980; I noticed I put it where there was never grease in the first place. I think the mech is not quite right now ive knocked the laser out a bit too. I have about 8-9 of the JVC crystal gold discs NONE of them work
  3. Hello, i have an MDS-JB980 QS MD deck, i accidently gave it a hard knock while it was playing, and now it wont play ANY of the Crystal Gold 80 or 74 min JVC minidiscs, its really strange, all other discs play ok, well one or two sony ones dont play now either but none of the JVCs will play, other than that all other discs still play. has any one else had strange issues with only certain brand/type of discs not playing? it needs a service as it finds it hard to eject discs btw, no one in Australia service them any more, I am in Germany for April, perhaps I take it and maybe I can get it fixed there?? any ideas why these discs now wont play??, I confirmed with other machines the discs are fine it says (C13 READ ERROR), not disc or TOC error?? thanks people UPDATE: i took the machine apart, when I put in the JVC discs they do not even attempt to spin, but all others do, the odd sony one that does not work starts to spin the stop, so it seem like it some thing to do with the actual disc caddy or some thing, either way I cant figure out what it is, Jim Hogarth have you any idea?? regards Aaron
  4. thanks mate, it worked a treat! my Hungarian is better than I thought lol
  5. Hello any one know where I can get a free copy of a service manual for a PAL GVD-800 Digital8 video walkman from?? kind regards Aaron
  6. probably not, most of the stuff on MD is also on SACD vice versa, however Nine inch nails is lol
  7. It sounds like the main board in the front panal is not working well; its a common problem, especially on MD walkmans. but decks like the MDSS37 not so much. You push a button and it will do a different function?, ie you press DISPLAY BUTTON and it will change the PLAY MODE or you push PAUSE and it will go into RECORD mode, stuff like that, some buttons will do each others functions., this will also explain why the remote will not work either, as the IR sensor is on the same board so if its faulty the remote will not work, you can try get it serviced but the chance of sony having spare parts is slim, you may have to track them down your self on the net; I am currently doing that now finding a record head for my Minidisc machine. regards Aaron
  8. btw Is it possible to put a 240V 50 Hz tx in it, and get rid of the 110V 60Hz tx?
  9. PhillppeC, looking at that item on ebay it looks like an audio cassette tape head! not an MD at all :/
  10. Hello Steven, I know that the what the 'head' is, ie, the magnetic thing that records on the TOP of the disc; i never refer to the laser as a head In Australia, these 'heads' are listed as "Over Light", my 333ES manual actually calls it a Over Light Head. Its kinda makes sence, cos I think of the laser as a "light", and the "head" sits over the top of the laser light, hence the term we have been seeing as OVER LIGHT HEAD, as I do know it is an over write head too lol as in what it acually does. any how from what I can find and what my service manual says, the head part: 150056511 is the ONLY part that will fit the 333ES, and there is only two machines that use it, they are the MDS-JA555ES and the MDS-JA333ES. so a head from a MDS-JA3ES I know will not work, well atleast with out and mods or reengineering. As for the KMS-260B, that is the whole MD mech with laser and head, the aftermarket one I found it called the KMK-260AAB and is NOT Sony, but the lady at the shop in Ireland says it is for ANY machine that would other wise take a KMS-260B mech...... what do you guys think???, btw it DOES look different to the sony mech??
  11. is you got it from Germany its genuine! is its from china, for that matter ASIA it will be fake! unless from just Japan
  12. Hello Jim, I need a KMS-260B for my MDS-JA333ES machine, I can get every thing I need but not the Over light head (record head) so I have found on this site in Ireland a 'replacement part' its called a KMK-260AAB find it here: http://www.donberg.ie/descript/k/kms_260b.htm , I am wondering if you can have a look and see what you think, it says it is to 'replace' the KMS-260B so since that is what I need would it be safe to say that this (KMK-260AAB) will work in my 333ES that would other wise have a KMS-260B/J1N?? kind regards Aaron
  13. mate I had a look, like you stated in another post, for the life of me and can not find a service manual to the Onkyo MD-133
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