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  1. Dear sfbp, thanks for your postings. I think I have the latest ffmpeg release 2.2 as of March 24, 2014 and GUI Avisynth under Win7. You should know, the mysterious errors do not appear on all tracks. Most of them are playing well, but some damaged tracks cannot be played neither with ffmpeg nor SonicStage. Same with HiMD renderer and QHiMDtransfer. I did not try VLC media player. Furthermore, I have unintentionally formatted an Hi-LP MD because my NH600 has too small display and restored back some tracks with the aid of undelete programs and QHiMDtransfer. But some of these recovered tracks do not play. Regarding ffmpeg I have observed that it uses all openMG library files when playing oma. So it can work only when openMG is installed, AFAIK. Yes, I am interested in RH10 if it is in very good condition. Mine does still play well, but I do not try recording or editing MD to not damage further MDs. Yours sincerely, Wolfgang
  2. Hi all, on some tracks I received the following error in omglog: 2014/05/17 10:25:40 [C:Program Files (x86)AvantiAvanti-ffmpeg-GUI-078Avanti-GUI.exe] 00001130:000016d0 OMGException: (0x2)<77243> - SAL INTERNAL ERROR: ERR_TID_MTDD,SVR2,ERR_LYR_MGLM,ERR_MOD_MT,ERR_MT_ATRAC,AT3_ERR_DECODE,(kind:0x14c04060 ext:0x0(0)) in nc.ocm 2014/05/17 10:25:40 [C:Program Files (x86)AvantiAvanti-ffmpeg-GUI-078Avanti-GUI.exe] 00001130:000016d0 OMGException: (0x415)<21856> - CConverter::DecodeEAT3 Failed Convert The track does not play in any software program that all do depend on openMG sh*t. IMHO, HiMD is one of the most trouble sensitive coding methods that have been ever developed. Only one false bit can destroy a complete recording!!!!! It should be the target of programmers to develop a software that can recover such destroyed atrac3+ tracks. ffmpeg people have done already much. Is there any idea what could be done? Can somebody even explain the mysterious error messages above? TIA, Wolfgang
  3. Hello Stephen, thank you for the answer. Can you explain, why the unit preferably makes the function of a key that is located in direct neighborhood of the key pressed? Could this be also a mechanical malfunction of the key sensors? Yours sincerely, Wolfgang
  4. Hello Stephen, thanks for your advice! The display is dim, I cannot read anything in daylight, in the night it is sufficiently bright to read all. All keys work, but often another function appears when a key is pressed. e.g. when volume is pressed, the search function key below is also responding. This was already from the beginning so and has sometimes destroyed data on a disc when I was pressing the fast rewind key!!! I tried already with a new alkaline cell, but not better recording. Do you think, power adjustment is necessary? Yours sincerely, Wolfgang
  5. Thanks very much for your expert explanation! :good: I think the best will be to let this equipment using only for play as long as it will live, and not to repair or adjust anything. Before, I was planning to replace the laser unit for about 100 $, but now I am not sure it would be worth this effort. The last recording i tried, it could not even write the TOC (was endless writing TOC) as you described in your statement. Yours sincerely, Wolfgang
  6. Thanks for your message. I do not have a power meter. I used the 3V power supply, but I could also use a battery. I tried all sort of discs and the failure appeared first especially at the end of a 1 GB disc that was almost full. After this, I tried recording on a blank 80 Min. disc that was used in Hi-MD PCM mode. About 1 min. was recorded correctly and then the play count stops during reading of that record. It moves suddenly by some seconds but gives no sound. I suppose, there were no bits written on the disc. Playing and editing works perfectly for all kinds of discs. Also reading the bad records on new HI-MD walkman gives the same result. I have read in other posting that you know about undocumented Overwrite power (value 9114). Where did you get this information? (RH 10 can only record in Hi Mode atrac3plus not atrac3.) Yours sincerely, wolb
  7. Dear sfbp, I am suffering from same problem. 7 years old RH10 fails recording. Could you kindly give more information on adjustment, please. Is it possible to increase the overwriting laser power only by adjustment? Yours faithfully wolb
  8. Kevin, thank you for your kind help. Yes, this works fine. I wonder why there is not a direct procedure, e.g., drag and drop, provided in this software?
  9. Hi, I know this is a stupid question, but I could not find a solution anywhere: How can I move one track from one album into another album? TIA for any help.
  10. Is it possible if only a title name is changed, the Walkman thinks this title has been transferred from SonicStage to it and therefore blocks all editing of this title? How can transferred titles be unlocked for editing?
  11. @ sfbp Thank you for your reply. I did only change the track or title names on PC and let it change these on the Walkman without uploading and grouping anything. So only the title name on the MD was changed. Now it tells: "Can not edit" when I want to divide tracks on the Walkman.
  12. Thank you for this post. As I know it is possible to upload SP titles in analog technique. Do you know any software that does this digital? Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. Hi, after editing a track title name on PC with the Walkman connected, editing the same title on MD Walkman is blocked completely. I use MZ-RH 10. Is this malfunction known and how can editing on Walkman be enabled again? Thanks in advance for any help.
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