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  1. No, I did not use SS backup as it deletes stored files without notice. Yes, research would be helpful. An important researcher has been Adrian Glaubitz, Berlin, Germany with 5 other programmers, but he is offline, I suppose. https://wiki.physik.fu-berlin.de/linux-minidisc It seems that Sony MD technology has been superseded by mp3 and is already something like vintage.
  2. Dear Stephen, thank you for your extensive help. Yes, the files had been uploaded to Windows 10 from Walkman, that crashed and has been installed new on another partition. But I had a backup of all files in RAR format and could restore them. But I did not have a backup of the SSprogram and all the OpenMG .dat files, don't know whether this would help? Now there are three types of files: 1. Files not encrypted 2. Files encrypted but can be played in FFmpeg 3. Files encrypted but cannot be played in FFmpeg. These files cannot also be converted by FCT: error messages. I w
  3. Dear Stephen, thanks for your reply. FCT = file conversion tool. I used PCM also believing that it would be better. Thank you for your explanation. I am not quite sure whether my files that could not be decoded where uploaded by which walkman. These files where rather old and FFmpeg did show: [oma @ 00000000001ce040] File is encrypted [oma @ 00000000001ce040] No encryption header found C:\ProgramData\SonicStage\Packages\Hi-MD 2019-07-14 18_10_12\010-2019-07-14 18_10_12.oma: Operation not permitted That is atrac3plus, 256 kbps BTW, is there a bit depth value
  4. Ich habe beobachtet, dass alle oma Dateien, die mit dem Walkman MZ-RH1 als verschlüsselte atrac3plus oma Dateien auf den PC übertragen wurden, von ffmpeg entschlüsselt werden können. Das gilt sowohl für normale MD (atrac3) als auch für HiMD (atrac3plus, 256 kbps). Aber HiMD Dateien von anderen Walkmen (z.B. MZ- NH1) können zwar auf SonicStage übertragen und dort abgespielt werden, aber nicht mit ffmpeg Decoder entschlüsselt werden. Ich schließe daraus, dass die ffmpeg Programmierer nur die Verschlüsselungs-Software geknackt haben, die im RH1 eingebaut ist, aber nicht die Software von Open
  5. Kris01 how did you add pictures to your posting, please?
  6. I have the same problem. Is there any solution out now without programming SonicStage new? 0011.bmp
  7. Hi Phillippe, A link to instructions I had installed the drivers in November 2017 and February this year, transferred tracks from Net-MD and now Windows says, Device is ready Net-MD/Hi-MD is set up and ready to go but in the Device Manager it says Currently not connected Code 45. It seems the driver have been lost from alone!
  8. Sonic Stage is a software that is rather badly designed by Sony and even is not supported since MP3 is dominating the field! Sonic Stage should enable transfer in both directions, but does not. Furthermore, Windows 10 blocks installation of Sony drivers as the signature is missing. What is the result of this? Only Software experts and nerds can manage to transfer Atrac 3 SP and LP recordings directly as oma files from the Walkman to PC.
  9. wolb1


    Turn walkman off as long as connected to PC.
  10. Dear Steve, thanks for your help. I will check whether I downloaded the correct file. Meanwhile Sony told me the following: <<<< Unfortunately SonicStage is not available anymore and therefor not being supported by us any longer. That's why it is incompatible with Windows10 and will not be updated in future. We're very sorry to disappoint you. Please feel free to contact us, if you should need further assistance. >>>> So, what does this mean??? Sony software must be updated by anybody who is not member of this stupid company? If Microsof
  11. Dear Stephen, thanks for your reply! Under Win10 I had the following problems (that is where my trouble began): 1) The option to create a CD was totally missing. 2) After installing the new "Ultimate" SS, only runtime errors came up. It did not run at all. So, maybe I made something wrong with my installation. The system file check, however, did not show any error, only one unimportant file was pointed out. Wolfgang
  12. Dear Stephen, thank you for your kind reply. Yes, VLC can play them. Is it possible to run conversion with that from oma to wav or mp3 for a number of files in one operation? Is there any other program that can do so? What is DLNA? Does anybody know, what System files are checked by the OpenMG (to open the "Magic Gate"), so that I can restore these system files from my backups and simulate the original System to this stupid Sony software? Yours sincerely, Wolfgang
  13. Hi all, it is absolutely unsatisfactory what happens when I transfer music files from one partition to another on the same computer. I have made a backup of all stuff on an external drive. Then restored all files to another external drive. Then started SS on another partition with a different Windows System as this poorly designed software is not running under Win 10 (!!!). From that external drive, I imported some oma files into the SS on the other partition. Now it says it cannot retrieve the licensing information. Furthermore, all files had been imported from my
  14. Supplement: I have tried VLC player 2.2.1 that can play the files, even SonicStage cannot. So it could be possible to convert them into WAV by the VLC player and reimport them into SonicStage. But this is not recommendable as solution, IMHO!
  15. Recently I upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10. SonicStage did open normally but it was not able to transfer to CD. The drive was not recognized and all options greyed out. After this, I searched for a new version and found one titled “Ultimate”. After installing new from this source, SS did not even run. It said always Runtime error in Visual C++ Even installing it from the old source file gave the same exception errors. I investigated the type of error and found out: Function Create Mutex | Access denied. I do not know why! Af
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