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  1. I 'm not sure is it available in Japan, but U can search the web, maybe someone sells it.
  2. sorry, you're right ) i pasted from my clipboard
  3. These models I can't find anymore here in Europe... I have the second NAS-500HDE Previously I take portion of system from NAS-50HDE GIGAJUKE, but then decided to buy for experiments and testing use another damaged NAS-500HDE gigajuke system. NAS-500HDE contains also latest available software.
  4. Now some videos after upgrades: 1/3: 2/3:
  5. In parallel with my projects with NAC-HD1E GIGAJUKE I get faulty NAS-S500HDE from eBAY as the main component of NAS-SC500PK system. I was surprised that this unit is about 3 times slower than NAC-HD1 GIGAJUKE. The main problem that causes freeze also from my previous posts considering insufficient amount of RAM, but this device has some problems with P-ATA to S-ATA bridge. I connected SSD disk to check performance, there was no performance gain.
  6. Got chips from china. Now I need to design very small "sandwich boards" with an extra additional pin for placing between SDRAM chip and motherboard cause of unavailable pin for memory addressing A0-A12, this address pin needs to be soldered on PCB to address bus where can address all amount of memory, originally system comes with chips only with 256Mbits with address space 4kb (A0-A11), new chip requires 8kb address space to allocate 512Mbits of memory for each.
  7. Hello. read all of my posts There's a problem with big lists, because u need to use search function that is available only in folder mode. Also NAC-HD1E hasn't enough memory to operate if the artist/album list is very big, many records in database that also freezes. Now I'm working to solve this problem by changing upgrading modifying and reprogramming all system.
  8. Currently no interest for selling upgraded / tuned devices it's for personal use. If there were many orders to do tuning from "Mercedes to Brabus", then I've been interested in It's my own enthusiasm doing discovery of devices and upgrading / remaking them Also my personal web page is under contruction, later I post my blog's addres, where can people exchange with tech stuff And about remaking device, It's also not so easy to get correct chipsets, because to meet exact parameters need to do serious analyze of datasheets. Many chips I'm looking for actually not available, I searched for alternate parts from another vendors and get them.
  9. After half year I have some new ideas about upgrading and extending functionality of SONY NAC-HD1. I started two projects. The first one, upgrading NAC-HD1 software, kernel, kernel modules, system libraries to the newest one, taken from NAS-S55HDE GigaJuke (software is one of the latest for Juke's and includes additional features and bugfixes) and kernel.org. Some modules are rebuilt. Personally thanks to Joe from Germany for exchanging hard drive image taken from NAS-S55HDE. Project outlines: Status What actually works: *Linter database *Analog In *FM/AM tuner *Spectrum analyzer *Wireless Network connectivity *Wired Network connectivity *Cd ripping to Linear PCM *Cd ripping to mp3 *Gracenote DB *Artist / Album / Track / Genre / Folder library *Can quickly search Artist during playback (disadvantage for NAC-HD1E original software) *Import audio through networl / external usb storage *System boots *Plays mp3 / atrac3 / atrac3 Plus / Linear PCM (OMG AUDIO FORMAT) *DLNA client *DLNA server *Party mode client *Party mode server *Timer *Screen saver *USB mounting *X-Dj mode including analysis (new features added after upgrade). *All front panel buttons. Things that actually doesn't work: *Cd Ripping to Atrac3 / Atrac3 Plus (NAS-S55HDE doesn't have support for ATRAC as Sony starting year 2008 closed it's OMGAUDIO / ATRAC musc store www.connect.com), I started implementation to get it working. It can take some time. *Digital in (Coax and Optical) (NAS-S55HDE doesn't have support to Digital Coax and Optical, now Sony uses DMPort), this one I'll also get to work on. I'll also want to implemnt DMPort. *Cannot turn on device if in "quick power off" mode by pressing powe on button both on device and remote control. Can turn only pressing apropriate functional button (HDD,CD,FM,Home media, etc.). Principialy this is just a bug, no problems to resolve it. The second one consists of upgrading system RAM, resoldering (reballing) two BGA 90 ball (pin) SDRAM chipsets. Actualy chips are ordered and it seems that till January I get them. Then do soldering operation with high precision equipment. As described previous post , NAC-HD1 has a small amount of RAM memory, it's based on SH4 Renesas embedded cpu architecture. Uses only 64MB (megabytes) of RAM. RAM is organized by two 256Mbit chips in sum 512Mbits that equals to 64MB of memory. As the system turns / boots on Linux, the kernel takes amount of memory at startup to load all necessary drivers to control Jukebox and dedicated memory for this kernel is too small and not enough, but if we take from shared memory, then application left a small piece of memory (especially after software upgrade) to load Linter database, DLNA Server, main Tiger application, Sj3 server, system logging, ssh daemon, network stack (ipv4 connectivity), etc. Upgrading RAM to 128MB is MAX possible for this device, cause of architecture limitations. As I got full set of original SONY circuits for this device, studied tgrough, I decided to upgrade RAM. Originally 64MB is quite enough till you have 20 000 of music, then all system freezes and the make people nervous Outlines Name / Status Functional analysis - Completed Chips for replacement - Completed Ordering chips - Completed Getting chipsets - ????? Chipset approval - ????? Preparing for soldering - ???? Resoldering - ????? Memory testing - ???? System testing - ???? Benefits after system upgrade: DLNA Audio server (DLNA as is, DLNA for Wireless Audio systems such as NAS-C5E where can use x-Dj function, no need to speacilly install DLNA server for audio sharring on home computer) Party mode (can simultaniously play audio from library on 5 devices through network) Faster system (not so frequent memory swapping with hard drive during operation, that makes freeze and delay) Comfortable audio searching, better to search music with remote, don't need to enter Folder mode, that previously offered searching option. Support for newer wireless network cards X-Dj additional mood channels and more accurate audio analysis.
  10. Hello, once a time ago I wanted to make a PC for home audio. Many companies offers PC cases as Hi-Fi "deck-style" design such as Zalman, but they all are very noisy. Cause my life is connected with computers, it's not a big problem to do it by myself - costruct PC device with windows or other OS. Cause I already have many hi-fi components, I choosed to buy brand-new gigajuke deck. Just, I wanted to simplify my life and the way to listening music without computer. Gigajuke has x-dj which offers music recognition based on 12 tone analysis. Apple iphone also has a software for music recognition, but Gigajuke X-dj works better in recognition. It's so wow, to turn off Gigajuke, and it selects music for morning, evening, night, etc. There are also other manual styles available for selection. Gigajuke also has great case, aluminum finished front panel, looks very good, and capable to connect to TV via composite video output (RCA - also called "banana connector"). I wrote some: Advantages: *unique device, design, very sound quality (if PCM mode), it plays all formats as they are exactly (their quality) *color LCD display *FM/AM radio, it's possible to write all broadcasts in exact sound quality (in PCM mode, PCM mode is also known as WAVE "WAV" format used in windows). *DTS DSP processor inside, formerly used for mp3 decoding, offers qreat encode/decode possibilities, very good electronics inside, one of the main rules for great sound quality. *small mainboard, less power consumption *digital signal inputs/outputs *analog inputs/outputs, offers to directly write from analog devices. *audio material editing, despite of Gigajuke's freeze, it offers audio dividing, editing mp3 ID tags *Gracenote DB, offers cd recognition, if connected to internet. If your CD or your home made audio cd hasn't been recognized, you can update Gracenote's database by submitting your cd with roxio media creator, winamp, etc. (software that supports gracenote database). Then your home made audio cd can be recognized also from other Gracenote devices or PC audio players. *file import from windows shared folder, you can make folder and share them in your home local area network, then upload files via import function. (i suggest edit mp3 id3 tags before putting them on shared folder) *x-dj function, the main feature of this device, system recognizes music for autonomous playing by choosing playing mode. *can upload album image in jpg or gif formats, not tested on bitmap and tiff files. *option to choose recording format and bitrate (mp3/AAC/ATRAC and appropriate bitrates) *option to copy audio on USB device (flash, hdd) for playing on other device, but they are only in compressed audio format, if you record PCM, on export system asks to choose bitrate. *option to back up all of your audio using network or external usb hdd/flash device. *composite video-out for displaying menu on larger screen. *sleep-timer, offers to set-up when to turn off device *silent when operating *access to DLNA, can set up many internet radios on your PC's DLNA server, for example, Tversity DLNA Media server, also can browse and listen music located on PC/Laptop through the LAN/wireless network. Disadvantages: *no further software updates, cause product discontinued (now I'm working on some enhancements by myself) *no text search function for artist/album, just only with navigation buttons, but if you have hundreds and thousands music files, it takes a lot of time if you use standard playing mode with file browsing. *no support for FLAC, APE, AMIGA etc. audio formats *sometimes freezes on album/artist selection, gigajuke turns on small CPU based on SH4 embedded architecture and has only 64MB of RAM and CPU clock is 300MHz, it seems that something goes wrong with freeing memory and then memory leak occurs. System turns on SH4 Linux. *if configured to turn off in full stand-by mode, then after turning on and booting sometimes system informs about it's instability and Gigajuke restarts, only quick-start power mode works without problems, in my opinion there's also problem in freeing unused memory cause Gigajuke uses Linux *no option to import pre-recorded mp3 from CD (simple written CD with mp3's), can't recognize Sony's their own ATRAC-CD discs, reads ONLY standard AUDIO-CD's, but they can be recorded also on CD matrix. *no option to write your mp3/ATRAC collection back to CD, Gigajuke's CD is only ROM drive and doesn't provide burning to CD-R/RW function, it only reads CD-ROM supported discs, of course you can change CD-ROM drive to DVD-ROM to support reading mp3 discs (as I told, mp3 discs Gigajuke only reads and plays mp3 discs but import to library is not possible). *slow-library text edit, better do it on your computer with good mp3 tag editor (roxio media creator offers very good mp3 tag editor, has option to retrieve all information for song name artists and album), then import via shared folder on your home network via LAN cable or wirless (if have) or USB stick. *on display spectrum analyzer freezes, delaying dynamics *hard disc originally can came with larger space, default 250GB, on production year - 2007 there was also greater (500GB-1TB) discs available (look at my instructions above) *can store only 20 FM and 10 AM radio stations
  11. Hi Andris,

    Thank you very much for your valuable comments.

    I manage to get one English version from a seller in UK.

    In consider the shot life of the HDD, I plan to make backup for the HDD.

    I am not a Unix/Linux guy and the way you introduced to us is not easy one. I don't even has a pc with Linux installed.

    I check Norton webside and seems its lastest "Ghost... ...

  12. if clone goes wrong, u can put back you original hdd. Warning only not to swap disk's between input and output drives then U clean gigajuke's built-in software and system :)

  13. If I put european version on hdd, any music function doesn't work. Better way if you want to expand features, send me original hard drive and i'll expand it on larger, but the instructions written in my page are clearly understandable, i think, U can do it yourself

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