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    For those interested, here is a few pictures put together.
  2. I have a transformer as already have a few stuff that can't run without it.. I have stuff from India and Europe. LOL But Thank you all so much!!
  3. Thank you all sooo much guys!!! I bought the Sony MXD-D400 from a German seller for a good price.. I think. I can't wait to get it
  4. adept777


    Sony Handycam DCM-M1 MiniDisc Camcorder Accessories include - Leather Carrying Case, 3 MiniDiscs, Extra Battery Pack, and Battery Charger SPECS: Format MiniDisc Lens 10:1 zoom, 40:1 digital zoom, f=3.3-33mm, 30mm filter diameter Image Sensor 1/4-inch CCD, 680,000 pixels (approx. 340,000 effective) Viewfinder 3.5-inch color touchscreen LCD monitor, color viewfinder Focus auto, manual Maximum Shutter Speed Exposure auto, manual, 8 AE modes White Balance auto, manual, 3 preset modes Digital Effects sepia, B&W, mosaic, slow-motion, drawing tool, picture-in-picture, 2-picture, 9 frame sequence Audio stereo 2-channel, 44.1kHz Inputs mike, remote, audio line in (with AC adapter) Outputs S-video, A/V jack, headphone, 10BASE-T (Ethernet, with AC adapter) Other Features built-in nonlinear editor, digital still photo, audio recording, Audio MiniDisc playback, Dimensions 2 19/32 (width) x 4 3/8 (height) x 4 21/32 (depth) inches Weight (sans tape and battery) 1 pound, 8 ounces Video Performance (approx.) Horizontal resolution (camera) 400 lines Horizontal resolution (playback) 375 lines Please PM if interested. Thanks!
  5. Hi; My MDS JE 530 (japan version) will not play any MDs, it tries to toc read for a good minute or two and then comes back saying c13 read error. Please help. Thanks!
  6. well they are not the MXD-D40. The biggest difference for me is I want a combo player with Optical out. And all the three models does not have optical out. But thanks for your suggestion
  7. Hey guys!!! First of thanks to each and everyone who is keeping this forum alive!! I am a huge Mini-disc addict!! I've been using it to play and record all my music including my own work for the last 15 years. And I must say I am still blown away with its quality!! Anyway, I am desperately looking to buy a combo deck. CD and MD. It would be nice to have one player to be hooked up to my Home Theater System instead of two... lol Please help me find one. I have been searching for one for the last two weeks. Also, what do you guys thinks of this JVC XU-301 ? Is this a good player to buy. I wont be using this as the primary player I have two other dedicated MD player/recorders. BTW, I want the combo player to have digital out and in (optical) So any help would be great. Thank you!!!!
  8. love is fire, whether it warms a heart or burns down a house, nobody can tell...

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