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  1. Just picked up a load of used md's online, opened them up and there's huge globs of dust under.... as I am typing this I decided to look much closer and noticed the specks on the platter inside matched up perfectly to tiny pinprick marks on the surface of the plastic case (damn you memorex clear cases md's :-| ) please ignore this post except as a funny reminder to get your eyesight checked ~_~
  2. bought the nh900 from Albert, arrived quickly, was in great condition, included everything discussed, I love this thing!!!
  3. still cant get over how helpful everyone has been on this forum, I appreciate it guys! : D
  4. I lucked out and found a very nice deal on a recorder type, but I'd love to get my hands on a player-only type just for music.
  5. I love my mz-ne410, and have used it almost every day for the last 6 years. Unfortunately, fate took a swipe at me last week. while riding my bike to class, the strap on my book bag broke and out went my books and my md player, both of which were promptly ran over by a passing vehicle. No harm done to the books, (minus a loose spin and tire tread across inside cover) but my player was not so lucky. Angry is an understatement. That lil fella got me through an engineering degree and halfway through a masters and I figured this might be a sign to grab an Hi-md player while they are still available without selling an arm and a leg. Thanks ahead of time.
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