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  1. Just a note to say that I haven't disappeared. So many things to do and not enough hours in the day...I'll get a look at the machine again some day before Christmas lol.
  2. I think you have taken me up wrong in part. I tried a factory disc in four machines yesterday three of them I've owned for about three years the denon 991r's The machine which I am concerned about at this minute in time is the Denon 1050 this was the machine that I have just purchased. It was checked before it was shipped and found to be ok but as I stated above the seller is willing to give me a full refund and send a courier to come and collect it from me. He thinks maybe it has been dropped by the courier and this may be part of the problem. H4rry
  3. I was speaking to a friend of mine this morning who worked in the BBC engineering dept. He is now out working on his own but still does work for them from time to time. He hasn't got a meter but said he would check and see if the BBC had one. Another option I have is to return the unit to the company I purchased it from for a full refund, I've been told one of there engineers checked the unit out on rec & play with a number of different discs & it worked fine.. They think the machine may have got a knock during shipping & this may have knocked the laser lineament out. H4rry
  4. I should have asked if the laser power meter is suitable for checking the lasers on cd players as well as the minidisc machines?
  5. Ok Jim had said in an earlier post about it playing factory discs so I got one to try to see what would happen.
  6. Point taken Stephen. OK I called with a friend today and got a factory minidisc from him the best of Eric Clapton. so 30 seconds after putting it into the 1050 error 2b came up.Eric refused to sing! I then tried the disc in my 3x 991 machines Machine #1 cued in 5 seconds #2 in 10 seconds and # 3 came up with error 2b
  7. The problem with sending something of to get serviced is that it would cost as much as the price of the meter I'm guessing. I work with Canon camera gear and every time it has to go to canon it's almost £100 for a check and clean and twice it's had to go back for repair at the cost of almost £400 each time, and there's no reason that if the Denon has to go back to them that this will be a low cost fix. Regards H4rry
  8. Just for your info, the only factory recorded disc that i can find is a Sony cleaning disc that has pre recorded tracks on it. When I put that into the Denon it comes up with the error 75 Regards H4rry
  9. Thanks For the info Stephen, Something to think about but it will not be until next year to many other bills just now, but I now know what I'm looking for.
  10. I'll take a look at your Hen3ry link. On the meter what am I looking for a model number or something to go on for a search. Regards H4rry.
  11. More info on this machine. http://www.minidisc...._DN-M1050R.html Regards H4rry There's one of these machines on ebay finishing in a few hour with what looks like the same problem. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/330625643069?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_500wt_1361
  12. Hi Stephen, I was not sure if you were referring to me on the Tom Lehrer as he means nothing to me, never heard of him. My first name is Harry this is used on many forums so the nearest I can get to that is H4rry 4 looking almost like the letter A... There could well be a problem with the play as I had a disc in playing the other night it played ok until the last couple of tracks it started to freeze.. When I checked the disc in another machine it played perfect. I have a couple of rerecorded discs around somewhere but where! If I find them I'll try one out. I shall try a few more recordings the disc that was recorded on Friday was recorded as one 80min track, So this time I shall try a few different tracks. Regards H4rry
  13. Thanks for the reply Jim, I recorded a full 80min MD on the 1050 on Friday, I then ejected the disc and inserted it into the machine again but it would not play error 73 came up on the display. I have played the disc on a couple of other machines without any problem. I purchased this machine to do backup recordings, I use Denon DN-991R as playback machines I have 3 off these http://elektrotanya.com/denon_dn-m991r.pdf/download.html Also a Denon DN-2000R http://elektrotanya.com/denon_dn-m2000r.pdf/download.html These are all Denon pro machines, I also have a number of Sony MD machines but they are all consumer machines. A couple MDS-302 and an MDS-303 The 302's both had to go back to Sony for repair about a year after I got them they cost £500 each to buy and then sony would not stand over them for repair and cost a further £200 each for repair, needless to say that was the end of my purchasing Sony products so I moved to Denon. I am in the UK only problem is not the mainland as I'm in NI. I'll be in touch. Regards H4rry.
  14. Everything that I shall be recording will be in SP mode to make it compatible with all of my machines.
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