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  1. Stereotypes are never good... but... they become stereotypes for a reason. I'd wager a guess that this reason is simply that Apple users are prepared to pay more for what, in some people's eyes, is the same thing. I find this discussion interesting because I was sitting in an Indian restaurant on Tuesday night with two close friends: one recently bought an iPad (his first Apple device) and the other has an iPhone and also recently bought an iPad and a Mac Book Pro. I would say that this second friend might qualify as "rich" (being an airline pilot), but probably not that trendy. Computer literacy is average. A comment he made, that stood out to me, is how easy all his "iDevices" are; "I don't know how they do it, but all my photos synced from one to the other [...] I've no idea where they're stored on either device [assuming he meant the iPad or MBP], I just tap on photos and there they are".
  2. @sfpb I thought that was still true! ;-)
  3. It makes sense to me. It will always be in proprietary software vendors' interest to dumb-down their users (customers) as much as possible, in order to engage them via the ongoing marketing machine that delivers yet more sales.
  4. warpgeek

    Disc Art

    Thanks - looks like some work ahead to match those efforts! I find labeling discs really enjoyable though, so I hope to make some cool creations in the future.
  5. warpgeek

    Disc Art

    Oh wow.... ok. So audio-t station has >54 pages of disc art... Hmm.. this may take me a while...!! Thanks PhillippeC !
  6. warpgeek

    Disc Art

    I'm sorry if this subject is long-since dead, or if there is a much better source of images like this somewhere on t'interweb. I really like some of the labelling and label art on MDs - to me, it completes a disc. I therefore include, probably to my embarrasment, a few pics of disc with "nice" labels. Would love to see a few good examples (can't be hard to beat my efforts!!).
  7. From a purely listening standpoint, I'd be inclined to agree with this. The analog stage output of my N710 is more spatial in stereo imaging; vocals seem to me more precisely located in the soundstage than they do from my N1. I like the N1 very much, it's a solid little workhorse, but the N710's analogue audio improvements actually caught me off-guard; I wasn't expecting much difference. But the test material, recorded in SP on a type-R deck, simply sounds more atmospheric on the 710. Therefore, I'd feel inclined to argue that it has an improved analogue stage, over the N1 at least.
  8. It may be that some of the discs I have in my collection were recorded on pre-Type-R equipment, which might explain the splashiness of treble sounds. I came by a few discs from a friend, but don't know what he used to record them with.
  9. Hi folks, Been lurking on the forums for too long. I'm a long-time MiniDisc fan with a JA20ES, 2 x MZ-N1, MZ-N710 and MZ-RH1 to play with. I'm not intending to buy any more in the short term! Anyway, I am interested in people's perceptions of Type-S DSP improvements to LP recordings. I have a number of dance music discs recorded in LP, some of which do seem to benefit from the Type-S chippery in the RH1. Cymbal sibilance and "splashiness" seem to reduce a noticeable amount, which is great. But it doesn't seem universal - some LP discs still have an abbrasive treble quality on any player, while others are definitely improved. I was wondering what other people's aural perceptions are in this regard? Is there a piece of music (recorded in LP) which is genuinely improved for you by Type-S? wg
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