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Found 3 results

  1. Does a Type-S machine provide any improvement in sound quality over a Type-R machine when playing back LP2 recordings via an external DAC? Not sure whether the benefits of Type-S are applied during the digital to analogue conversion within the MiniDisc player or before that point. Specifically talking about the MDS-JB940 and MDS-JB980 if that is relevant.
  2. Mint condition, less than 200 total running hours, bright display, scratch free front. Original box, remote, manual. Free shipping within Europe, fully tracked and insured. PM me for details. Up for a few days only.
  3. Hi folks, Been lurking on the forums for too long. I'm a long-time MiniDisc fan with a JA20ES, 2 x MZ-N1, MZ-N710 and MZ-RH1 to play with. I'm not intending to buy any more in the short term! Anyway, I am interested in people's perceptions of Type-S DSP improvements to LP recordings. I have a number of dance music discs recorded in LP, some of which do seem to benefit from the Type-S chippery in the RH1. Cymbal sibilance and "splashiness" seem to reduce a noticeable amount, which is great. But it doesn't seem universal - some LP discs still have an abbrasive treble quality on any player, while others are definitely improved. I was wondering what other people's aural perceptions are in this regard? Is there a piece of music (recorded in LP) which is genuinely improved for you by Type-S? wg
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