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  1. This belt I have used after trying many and is the closest to the original. Not too tight as that makes the motor twist hard on its bearing and usually can’t spin like it should. I get them from this supplier .. https://www.turntableneedles.com/Square-Belt-Reel-23-Inch_p_213.html
  2. I do the same and don't have a problem, LP2 is great for portables. I guess if one was sitting in front of their system for critical listening then put on the original source :-) Honestly I was listening to one I thought was SP but was LP2. I really believe sometimes we can already put a preconceived idea into our heads when we 'know' what is in the machine. Honestly for me I can say that but there are some that have a better discerning ear so they record in the SP mode. That is what makes the Minidisc such a wonderful format!
  3. I actually was able to track down an LPM. I seemed to got lucky with just updating the IOP values from the new laser into the machine.
  4. Sorry about the long hiatus, moved locations and all. The update on the KMS-262 is that it is necessary for the combo units as it can heat the disc faster in the high speed dubbing mode. KMS-260 just for the regular decks and real-time play or record.
  5. Well I did find the issue with my JE480 and actually was the BD board itself. I replaced it from another junked unit and all is well. This is indeed rare as I usually find that the laser is the culprit.
  6. If anyone is still watching this thread. I just received a new JE480 yesterday and about a minute 50 seconds into playing a disc it stopped reading and of course the C13 Read Error came up. I did check service mode and for sure shows total recording and playback times under an hour. What happen as I was putting the cover back on just to inspect and all the cover tucking into the fresh my panel of course did a snap in which was maybe no different than flicking the unit with a finger trying to make it skip. While it was playing it just went silent as I thought maybe it skipped and that is all she wrote. It try's reading and spins the disc little by little. The error history was showing 10 and 20. Did I just get a bad one and was just a coincidence or what? Thanks
  7. Hello, I'm needing to replace the laser assembly in a MXD-D40 and it requires the KMS-262E or A. The KMS-260 is a lot easier to find. They look the same and just wondering if they are interchangeable? Is it just one is newer than the other? Thanks
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