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  1. Thanks for the advice - however hard it is for me to hear! :-( Thing is - I have been deleting unnamed tracks, one at a time, with SS for a long time and I have never had a problem before. Is there a Sony Media Services here in UK? Peace and all good. Stephen
  2. Hi folks, I have had an MZ-NH900 for a while, and it has never given me any problems before. I use SonicStage version A few hours ago I was working on some vital music recordings made yesterday, deleting un-needed ones from the disc through Sonic Stage. After successfully deleting a number of them, I then had a message stating that one I had tried to delete could not be deleted. I then tried to access some of the remaining tracks, but was unable so to do. I shut down SonicStage and re-launched it and, when it connected to the MZ-NH900 again this message appeared in the window:- "Cannot use this disc as an audio disc because it was initialized by a program other than Sonic Stage." Can anyone please tell me how I can recover from this terrible position? A number of other good folk depend on me for this, and there is no chance of repeating the recordings. I can access the .hma files and others on the disc via the USB cable and Windows Explorer. Looking forward to hearing from anyone who can offer words of assistance. Peace and all good. Stephen Carter
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