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  1. How about the Behringer UCA202 and the older Edirol UA1-X, both relatively cheap USB devices with optical out.
  2. Now have a JB980 and thanks to the forum found the drivers to use in NetMD mode.
  3. Anyone with user experience of this unit which dates from around 2001 - I thought it might make a good compact NetMD unit to be kept next to the PC, but probably difficult to find now. Thanks, Clive
  4. Thanks for the tip - I have an external (USB) sound card with an optical out so will try and compare real-time recording (using winamp with DFX) to direct transfer through Sonicstage. Clive
  5. I've recently come back into using minidiscs after an hiatus of a few years and invested in RH1 and NH700 Hi-Md portables. I was wondering if anyone has compared using a portable HI-MD unit for importing mp3 files from a PC (I use Win XP) through SonicStage (I'm using v4.3 ultimate release 2, generally with NetMD LP2 mode) with one of the later NetMD decks, such as the JB980 or JE780 - is there a significant difference in the speed of transfer or any other factors favouring the use of the Hi-MD units for recording. I appreciate that that the Mp3 to ATRAC conversion by SonicStage may not be ideal and i've also used the MP3 - Nero CD image - MD Simple Burner route. A lot of the music I want to put on to minidisc is 40's-50's Jazz, so I don't have any issue with the the sound quality using the direct Mp3-SonicStage conversion. Thanks, Clive
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a Sony MDS-JB980 in black finish. Must be in good condition with remote control. I'm in the UK just north of London and could pickup within a reasonable distance of the M25 or M3. Regards, Clive
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