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  1. Sounds to me like you're playing ATRAC3plus @ 352kbps and not ATRAC Advanced Lossless Because there should be no bitrate mentioned with ATRAC AL. Additionally, the bitrate for ATRAC AL should be variable, not constant. When you encode ATRAC Lossless it makes two versions of the file. One, the lossless version; and, two, the lossy version in whatever you select in the dropdown box. That lossy file that gets encoded coincidentally is the file that goes to the device, not the lossless version. Now I'm not saying that it isn't possible for a device to support lossless but from what you're s
  2. $77 US? That's ludicrous! However, I was thinking the original adapter could not be as cheap as mentioned above... Again, I would do what I said and try using a universal switching adapter instead, as it will probably work out okay...
  3. Blu-Ray and HD-DVD (in their current forms) are both the best thing ever, IMO. See, like Joe, I can post two-liners too--they don't mean much but hey it's distracting/pointless to do it
  4. Sounds like part of the mechanism is out of alignment or has been compressed or warped somehow. Strange for a NOS unit, yes, but not unheard of especially considering shipping and storage that it's been through since it was produced. What I would do is disassemble it and try to find out why that is happening and fix it. But that's what I would do. If you're not comfortable with doing that, all I can suggest is a repair shop (though at that point you're probably going to spend more than what you paid and/or more than buying a newer better deck). As for the service manual note that S/Ms n
  5. I don't use Hi-MD at all, lol. I have DH10P that I bought not-too-long-ago and I transferred a couple things for fun/testing, took some pics for the hell of it, etc. but it's not really too useful for me, especially considering I'm not a big user of portables and nothing else I have can play Hi-MDs. I must add to all this, however, that Hi-MD is super slowww. I was actually amazed at how slow it is, LOL. Benched it with HD-Tach and though I can't remember the numbers I was thinking "floppy drive" when I saw how long it took and how low the transfer numbers were. I mean I knew it wasn't f
  6. While this was true in 1992 and perhaps even 1999, today's switching adapters are much more precise in their output voltages and have better tolerances for variation. The MZ-1/2P adapter is a brick to be sure. A large transformer-based adapter with the 10.5V 1000mA output as stated. Most transformer-based adapters have very wide fluctuations in their outputs. Meaning an adapter that is rated for 9V will probably float over 12V with no load on it. As a load is applied the voltage goes down and it will begin to stabilise in output as the current draw gets closer to the rated current outpu
  7. So do I. Particularly the uninformed part. Chris Ayres should not be living it up as a journalist, instead he should be a homeless person trying to find food. If that was the case and he was as good at finding food as he is for doing research he'd have died of starvation long ago. Does this idiot even realise that when he states the [betamax] "two-year lag behind VHS" is a retarded statement considering Beta was released to market before VHS? Seriously, why does this guy have a job writing articles? Plus Beta did not sink as fast as he'd have us believe. Especially if you consider cou
  8. ^Not to mention Hi-MD, in general, is slow as hell. I'm sure with modern units people would be more likely to favour flash-based recorders over Hi-MD. Not trying to be "mean" to Hi-MD but I'm sure everyone will admit that it is slowwwwww when talking about computer transfers.
  9. Uhm I hardly think this makes BluRay obsolete in any form, shape, or way. First of all Blu-Ray needs not be played on a PS3 (your assumption of that and your question about the Xbox makes it kinda clear that you've got little understanding of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD as it is). HDD recorders are nothing new or innovative at this point in time, so I don't get where Sony's lack of innovation comes in. Furthermore optical disc formats and HDDs have co-existed since the very first CD-ROM disc/drive was used/introduced. HDDs were always faster and in the last 5-10 years they've always been quite ch
  10. You mean an MD-Data drive or that NetMD drive that was included with VAIO MX PCs?
  11. And what about the fact that this^ is utter nonsense? You could say the same thing about MD units with heavy use--the pickups don't last forever you know At the same time either could last several years with no problems as well.
  12. Just another clarification here. SS doesn't do anything to the quality of the MP3s or alter the basic data in the file in anyway. It only "wraps" the MP3 for use with the portable device. It's the MD unit that is altering the performance of the MP3 through the way it plays it back. So it's technically not the tracks transferred by SS that are affected but rather the Hi-MD unit that is affecting the tracks' playback. The fact that storing MP3s on the Hi-MD in mass-storage mode and playing them back with another device is fine, should come as no surprise at all.
  13. No. The JE510 can't even do MDLP. I'm amazed at how often this question comes up really. "Can this MD unit made in 1997 use Hi-MD discs [that weren't even invented until 2004]?" LOL. Well what you could do would be to use standard MDs and MD-mode on the RH10. But I don't think the RH10 can stand-alone record in MD mode as it's 2nd Gen Hi-MD. So you'd have to go through SS. But then you can't do "true SP" transfers over USB anyway, and the JE510 doesn't support MDLP (as mentioned). So in other words to get a disc to work, you'd end up with quality less than LP2 (ATRAC3 @ 132kbps) and o
  14. Though it doesn't fix your problem, it may be an alternate remedy... Try using the remote perhaps? If the panel buttons/controls don't work the remote may still work fine
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