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  1. Hello, My father passed earlier this year. In his estate we have a number of different minidisc decks and recorders that he used while recording live concerts and mixing final cuts of tracks. I have been able to find new prices online for some of the items, and a few used. I was wondering if anyonewould know if these prices are correct, or how much these items could go for? Thank you in advance, Sony MDM-X4 Minidisc Multitrack Recorder - $139 BUYITNOW on EBay Onkyo MD-2321 Minidisc Recorder - $374 new price from www.minidisc.ch Sony MDS-JB920 Minidisc Player - $480 new price, $76 current on EBay Sony MDS-JB930 Minidisc Player - $480 new price Kenwood MD-203 Stereo Minidisc Recorder - $250 new price Sony Minidisc Walkman (one with carrying case and adapter, one in original box with adapter and manual) - $300 new price, $75 used on Amazon
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