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  1. Don't worry I'll most likely keep talking in english anyway haha. I don't own a lot of Sony hardware but I'm only just getting into MDs so, who knows...
  2. Ah cool, merci ! Je ne savais pas qu'il y avait des français sur le forum, c'est marrant
  3. Apparently he did not use it much, he got a digital recorder shortly after and I think this has stayed in a box for quite a while. The unit looks really good too, apart from a dent on the outside of the rotary controller thingy (which may indicate that it was dropped ?). I'm usually not that afraid to take things apart for repair or do a bit of soldering, but I usually work on much bigger hardware, mostly old game consoles, so I'm not too comfortable with disassembling something that small, especially since I have absolutely no experience with MDs (it's only the second MD player I get, and I'm new to the format so). Thanks a lot for the quick answer! I'll get back to you soon
  4. Hello ! I have just registered to this forum because I have recently gotten hold of a MD recorder, an MZ-N10, which I've got from a friend who had not used it in years, and who apparently did not plan to. The thing is, the unit won't read any MDs. Whenever I try an MD inside it, it fiddles around for a while making a loud whirring sound, eventually ending out with a "Read Error" alert. At first I thought it was just a problem with the MD but as I have another recorder that works, as I tested more and more MDs out it became apparent the problem came from the unit. Firstly I downloaded the manual off the internet and tried the "reboot" method that basically instructs to power down everything, let it rest for a while then power it back up, to no avail. Then I learned there was a service mode for the device, so I downloaded the service manual. After launching the service mode (with one of the methods that doesn't require you to disassemble the whole thing) and out of curiosity, I ran the self-diagnosis result display mode, to try to learn more about what could've caused the issue. This returned : 013 1 00B6 004 N 004B 035 N100B6 004 N200B6 000 R_004B Now I'm a complete noob when it comes to this kind of things, and I don't know if this would help, but the error codes indicate : a TOC address data error (013, which I have no idea what it is), two spindle errors indicating an abnormal rotation of disc (both 004 errors) and a MD DATA 2 disc error (the 035 one, which again, I have no idea what it might be). Have any of you had this problem before ? Is it repairable with having to send it back to Sony ? Thanks in advance ! All the best, A.
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