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  1. makes me want to buy anything labelled broke/sold for parts in ebay. do i feel lucky?
  2. 350, lucky. i'd give my left nut for a price like that
  3. im trying to score a used r90 but more importantly had i not stopped with buying md equipment, i would have bought a MZ-RH1. i cant believe that's the ultimate to collect now.
  4. looking at the old links of my "had" list, makes me want to buy all of them back from ebay out of the 6 in my had list, is the r90 still the best in battery w/ aa option?
  5. have: Kenwood DMC-K7R Clarion RM Sony DHC-MD515 Sony MZ-NE410 had: Sony MZ-R30 Sony MZ-R50 Sony MZ-R35 Sony MZ-R55 Sony MZ-R90 or Sony MZ-R91 I wish I'd kept all of what I had. They would have a been a nice collection but I wouldn't have been able to afford the newer models as they came. Truly miss them all!
  6. I read this article a few weeks back but I still use my Sony DHC-MD515 from time to time. It's 1 of the few reason why I visit my basement other than laundry or to check the boiler. It still sounds great and I would never sell it.
  7. Dmc k7r. 40sec buffer not working. Getting intermittent toc error. Discs plays fine on other players. p.s. That's not how I insert the discs!
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