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  1. I had given up on MDs since upgrading to Windows 8 from Vista, but it is still sometimes a hassle to connect my iPhone to the car stereo (especially when the Bluetooth receiver runs out of batteries) so I wanted to put some of my more recent music on MD for painless listening (I have an md player in the car). This forum has been very helpful in giving instructions on downloading and installing Sonicstage ultimate and drivers for my mz-n910 md Walkman on my Windows 8 computer. I could transfer music from CDs to my computer using Sonicstage (too bad Simple Burner is now non-functional), but when I try to transfer music from the Sonicstage library to the md, there is a flash of characters on the md side window, but nothing gets transferred. CDs were imported in open mg (ATRAC?) format at 256kbps and I have tried transferring to the md in various modes but nothing works. A curious thing is that Sonicstage shows 0 tracks and a length of 0:00 for each album in the information window of My Library, but the songs play fine when I click on the album and play them in the Sonicstage player. Anybody have any thoughts on what might be wrong? Should I try re-installing sonicstage?
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