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Found 4 results

  1. Good morning, I have tried to upgrade my windows 8 to 10, after I changed the UEFI mode to boot from external devices it stopped working. Now I can't even get back to Uefi settings to change them to default, as laptop says "No operating system found". Can you please help?
  2. Hey folks. I'm head-banging again. Any creative input would be sincerely appreciated. I apologize for the long post, but I've tried quite a bit before asking for help. Background: I had SS 4.3 working fine with my MZ-RH1 on the old PC (Windows XP, SP3). Then it crashed. The hard disk was still fine, so I bought a new Windows 8 machine and added the old hard drive. Great, I can copy between the old E: drive and the new C: drive. So far, so good. I was excited to find SS 4.3 Ultimate on the forum here, and installed it on the new drive. Connected the RH1 to the USB drive and Win 8 started working with it, no problem. I use the RH1 for voice recordings, using Hi-MD. Problem: But SS 4.3 Ultimate won't let me play the files in my library! When I try to play one, error message says: Cannot play this track because its licensing information cannot be retrieved. For more information, contact the source from which you received this track. (000084e0) What source? Me?! The RH1? OK, so then I try to set this copy protection thing straight. Importing the files from the old drive didn't work. So I copied them to a new folder on the new drive and pointed SS to the new folder. Same error. Then I uninstalled & reinstalled SS. Same error. I selected all the files and tried using SonicStage’s command Tools > Convert format to convert all the files in the library to ATRAC3plus 352 kbps files. I unchecked the copy protection box to remove copy protection from each file as it was processed. But the “Result” window that appeared after the files were processed said: Conversion to OpenMG Audio (ATRAC3plus) 352 kbps. A file conversion error prevented some of the files from being converted. The following files were successfully converted to the OpenMG Audio (ATRAC3plus) format. 2011-10-12 17:48:52 [Note: This file (with a time stamp for a name) is the only file that got converted?! It's one of my recordings, just like the others, except out of the whole friggin' library, this is the ONLY file I can play using SS! Then the message continued:] Playback is not allowed. The file format may not be supported by SonicStage. [Followed by a list of every other file in the library other than the one listed above] Next, I optimized the database. No help, although SS seems to open faster. Next, I ran the SS File Conversion Tool. This is the one that you have to close SS to complete. But the last screen that shows after running says: The conversion is complete. Some tracks could not be converted. Note: Tracks to be converted are the tracks recorded as ATRAC format and imported from CDs. Tracks purchased from a music service (EMD service) will not be converted. The digital recorded tracks recorded by Hi-MD or some Memory Stick supporting devices cannot be converted. Then I clicked the “Details” button, and saw a list of files that failed to be converted (a list of my files, which were recorded on the MZ-RH1). A big fat help that tool is, since the only files I've ever used SS for are the ones I've uploaded from the RH1, using Hi-MD discs! Any ideas? I'm dumbfounded.
  3. I had given up on MDs since upgrading to Windows 8 from Vista, but it is still sometimes a hassle to connect my iPhone to the car stereo (especially when the Bluetooth receiver runs out of batteries) so I wanted to put some of my more recent music on MD for painless listening (I have an md player in the car). This forum has been very helpful in giving instructions on downloading and installing Sonicstage ultimate and drivers for my mz-n910 md Walkman on my Windows 8 computer. I could transfer music from CDs to my computer using Sonicstage (too bad Simple Burner is now non-functional), but when I try to transfer music from the Sonicstage library to the md, there is a flash of characters on the md side window, but nothing gets transferred. CDs were imported in open mg (ATRAC?) format at 256kbps and I have tried transferring to the md in various modes but nothing works. A curious thing is that Sonicstage shows 0 tracks and a length of 0:00 for each album in the information window of My Library, but the songs play fine when I click on the album and play them in the Sonicstage player. Anybody have any thoughts on what might be wrong? Should I try re-installing sonicstage?
  4. Hi folks, I've tired myself out trying to get this done. Here's the situation: 1. Old Windows XP (SP3) computer died, although the hard drive was still fine. 2. Bought new Windows 8 computer and added old hard drive so I can copy files from it to the new drive. 3. Installed SS 4.3 Ultimate from the site here. 4. Connected our MZ-RH1 via USB to the new computer and Windows 8 installed a PnP driver that seems to be working fine (although maybe slow?) I can copy files from the RH1 into SS 4.3 on the new drive (although like I said, seems to be slower than it used to be). So: Where's the library located on my old hard drive and on the new one? I've looked on the old drive in a lot of places: under the Admin account, in program files, etc. & can't find the library. Not sure what I'm looking for, really -- one file or a collection of folders? We only use the RH1 to record live events, if that makes a difference. I figure once I find the old library, I should be able to copy it over to the equivalent location on the new drive and SS will take care of the situation from there. That strategy has worked well enough with other data files using other programs. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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