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  1. http://www.nextofwindows.com/how-to-install-an-un-signed-3rd-party-driver-in-windows-8/
  2. olufsen

    HI-MD 1gb

    Thank you for your answers.I have many old recorders so, in the end, 80 minutes of SP are the best.
  3. Hi everyone. One of my old mz r90 has a dry internal battery. I open it and I saw that I need to change the battery (Sanyo ML 614). I enter in service mode and I notice that the recorded time on this unit is 0. From what I know this should be wrote on eprom. Beside the clock, what is the function for this battery? This is worth changing, when it a chance to break the display board that is fixed with adhesive tape? Thank you.
  4. I think you need to be gentle with ff fr button. Also consider buying new oled displays, they still have it on stock.
  5. Thank you, problem solved.For others consider this also: http://www.nextofwindows.com/how-to-install-an-un-signed-3rd-party-driver-in-windows-8/
  6. Thank you for your answers but nothing. I load a blank disc.If I go to disc mode and select hi-md disc the device is working but if I select md disc and go to sonic stage it tells me device/media not connected.
  7. No Protection enabled. I recorded with a Jb920. I never transfer music with sonic stage. I record only 1;1 with 920, mz r90 and mz rh1. I want to edit the names with sonic stage because it's easier. If I load any sp disc recorded with the mz rh1 I have no problem but if I load any standard recorded disc it doesn't even see the unit.
  8. Hi. I edit with no problem any hi-md (mz-rh1) with sonic stage but I have problems with standard MD when I want to write the song name,move,delete...You can edit a standard md?
  9. Hello. Take a look here: http://www.minidisc.org/equipment_browser.html
  10. Hello. In my opinion you have a broken laser unit. If you increase the laser power mayve you have a chance to get it work.
  11. olufsen


    Hello. Did anyone tried this site? http://www.huaetao.com/item/26562148132 I see that you can pay with paypal but I don't know nothing about it.
  12. olufsen

    spare parts

    Hello, glad to see people like you that are still continue to use minidisc. I recently bought sony mz-rh1 and I find the hard part about hi-md 1gb blanks. Back in 2000 I remember that I broked one r50 and r90 from vibration on my bike. For this reason I would like to buy one oled board and one laser unit. I found this site https://www.servicesplus.sel.sony.com/sony-part-number-X21481141.aspx but only the oled board no laser unit, not even talking about the price. First I was thinking to buy broken units from ebay but from what I notice most have laser unit problems. Do you know other sources from where I can buy them? Thank you and live long to minidisc.
  13. olufsen

    HI-MD 1gb

    Hello everyone. I am a minidisc lover from 1998 and until now I didn't gave up and have no mp3 in my pc. Recently I bought one Mz-rh1 and I realize that buying 1gb disk it's really a problem. Beside ebay do you have other sources? Do you know if any company beside sony produces this discs? Thank you.
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