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  1. I don't know if there are any Chris Whitley fans here but since you were all so helpful getting me the info to do a TOC clone for this disc I figured I'd share. The show is from 2004 at Jammin' Java in Raleigh NC. The sound quality is very good. It's 24 tracks in .wav format. Approx 820mb so unfortunately it won't fit on just one normal CD-R. Thanks again! -gabriel http://we.tl/eqtrp4UQCa
  2. I just wanted to thank everyone here who helped me out and all those who posted cloning "how to" articles. It would be safe to add the JE-630 deck to the list of TOC Clone capable units. I finally got my hands on one and it worked like a charm. Thanks again everyone! -Gabriel
  3. I talked with my client tonight. He said that he was using some computer program and that he made some mistake because of a clunky user interface or whatever? Perhaps SonicStage or maybe something prior? He couldn't remember and said that that computer was dead. So, that's all that I have to go on for that aspect. Otherwise, he gave me the go ahead to send the disc to you if necessary. Thanks again for the help and insights James! I'll definitely let you know if I fail with the other units I have yet to attempt the recovery on! -gabe
  4. Honestly I have no clue how the "damaged" disc got this way. It was given to me by one of my clients. Basically he asked me to try my best to recover the data and if I can't he'll just cry for a minute and forget about it. I've never had the issue of an erased TOC personally, but I'm really meticulous and careful just out of necessity. I work with other peoples music and recordings constantly. I take pride in the fact that I'm super careful and truly invested in my work. The MZ-R70 I'd have to have shipped to me from Oregon US, and my buddy would most likely be OK with me fiddling with it. I've been sounding out all of my friends who I knew had units circa '98-'02-3. I also have access to a MDS-JE630, a JVC-XM-448BK and an, as yet, unknown Tascam deck.(perhaps a sony built one?) This disc is really important to this particular client, he says that it was his best live recording ever and it also happens to be of one of his favorite musicians whom is now deceased. I posted another thread in the non-specific area of the minidisc board introducing myself and asking a few questions. I apologize if that post was misplaced. I takes me a bit to get used to the layout of a new forum. In any case thanks for the reply punkrockaddict and thanks for the well wishes! I do hope that I can recover this for my client. And I feel you about the old Sharp units. I had several friends who owned one of those models know to be capable of TOC cloning but all of them have died. The recorder/players not my friends! -Gabriel
  5. Can the MZ-R70 be modified in the same fashion as the R700 to enable TOC cloning? Any help and even yes-no-maybe answers would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!
  6. I've been using the AudioTechnica M-40fs headphones for years. They are flat response and designed specifically for honest reproduction which you need for serious studio work. If I remember correctly their freq. response goes from 2-10Hz up to 22kHz. You can really crank these things up too! Enough so that even a kit drummer could use them for playback and recording monitoring without distortion or blowing the drivers up. I'm unsure if AT still does, but they used to offer replacement parts for them and they can be disassembled and rebuilt easily. I really wouldn't recommend them for travel or walking around though. AT has been making this model for approx 20 years with no changes they're that good and very modestly priced at 60-80$(us) My only complaint about them is that they tend to make vocals sound a bit hotter in a mix than they will sound on your nearfield monitors or on the end users home stereo, so it's always wise to switch over to your monitors and give a little extra boost to vocals and in some cases you lead/solo instrument. Otherwise they do an excellent job when used for balancing your instrument mix, very accurate stereo sound field reproduction.
  7. Hello everyone! My name is Gabriel. I'll be straightforward and honest here. I'll probably never be an often contributing member but I desperately need to recover a disc from the NO TOC issue. I've read through lots of articles from minidisc.org and other places. I have some questions and I will truly appreciate any comments, tips, or responses. You would be helping me out! So I guess I'll give you a little info about me. (you can skip this) I got my first minidisc setup in '95-'96 (approx) it was the package/combo MDS-JE320 with the MZ-E33 player. The 320 is unfortunately on the brink of death. I may be able to save it but I've been collecting units that other friends have abandoned so it hasn't been necessary. The E33 player has been through all manner of torture including a very serious car wreck. It still works like a champ! I have several hundreds of hours of material that I recorded stored on MD. All of them still play perfectly by the way! I have a JVC XM-448BK and a Sony DRE1 as well as several other portable and deck units in need of TLC. I'm an engineer and I record local groups and I also do mixing and mastering for a few clients. Unfortunately I have also left the beloved MD format in the dust for the most part. I keep collecting these because I've developed a love for the format and because of the odd client who asks, "Can you transfer this?" What I would like to ask is this; 1-In several TOC Cloning/Recovery tutorials I've seen a list that includes the MDS-JE620 and the MDS-JE-640. I have access to a JE-630. It's not one of mine. Is this model capable of TOC cloning? 2-Is there an updated list of all known models that are capable? 3-Does anyone know how to access the test/service mode of a JVC XM-448BK? JVC customer service was very friendly with me but basically told me that we don't have access to that info anymore and I cannot find a service manual for that deck anywhere. I seems JVC plays it close to the vest in these matters. I have a disc from a client that is a really good live recording of Chris Whitley that has no TOC. If you've never heard of him or his music I suggest that you give it a fair listen. I would recommend "Living with the Law", "Dirt Floor", and "Rocket House" Any help or extra info you could share is greatly welcomed and appreciated. Thanks and Cheers for keeping the love for MD alive! -Gabriel
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