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  1. *bump* Any progress on this? Cheers N
  2. If I can help in any way - not sure how, as I am not that technical - let me know!
  3. I would most definitely! However, I have a feeling that this model is now so obsolete no-one will want to bother. It basically lost Sony's support the day it was released... b4stards!
  4. Any news - just interested on how you're getting on. Ready to throw in the towel yet?!! N
  5. Thanks for the update! Cheers N
  6. Any luck with this Mccourtyboy? N
  7. This is the best news I've heard on this forum... FACT! Very best of luck to you! N
  8. nickzeff


    Look forward to it!
  9. nickzeff


    Well mccourtyboy, We all wish you the best of luck here. I have been praying for some clever soul to create decent firmware for this device! You have your work cut out for you - Sony uses its own fantastically efficient - but proprietary - chipset. I have visited loads of forums and community sites on the web and so far have not found anyone else attempting to do this. I wish you every success with your task. N
  10. nickzeff


    Hi otiasj. Just tested fast track number save/load. This does not seem to work for me. Same 5 minute delay however many times I open and close Winamp. N
  11. nickzeff


    That's great! Can't wait to try the new speedy version.
  12. nickzeff


    Otiasj, Just tested that new plugin you sent me. Good news: It works! No outward error, but I did notice at the very end of the debug file the following lines appear: error could not read file header error could not read file header error could not read file header error could not read file header Bad news: It takes a long time to scan all my files. Admittedly I have a USB 1 connection here at work, but still! I timed Winamp from the moment I clicked the ML button to when my library opened. It took 4min 56sec. For your information, I have around 18GB of files on my device. That's 3,305 mp3 files. What extra info are you getting from the .oma files that you can't get from the .dat files? Cheers N
  13. nickzeff


    Great - look forward to it! Otiasj - one last thing. Since I have around 10GB of mp3s on my device, it takes a LONG time to scan my files. Does your plugin scan the device every time the ML is opened, or does it cache the info in some way for next time? Cheers for your continued hard work! N
  14. nickzeff


    Sorry - still crashing for me. After quite a wait while it scans all my files, Winamp crashes. Otiasj, I have emailed you my log and the files it is having a problem with. Let me know if I can give you any more info N
  15. nickzeff


    Otiasj, I think you've made the right decision there! Don't compromise by making your plugin backwards compatible with inferior Sony software. I'm guessing you're going to keep your own Winamp db somewhere containing all the extra information which the device doesn't store?!! Good luck with it all!
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