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  1. eh hem of the actual units, the speakers and the device not just some boxes. I wont be buying but just a thought.
  2. beer, the cardigans album; long gone before daylight or gran turismo
  3. I aggree. Md units are brilliant when it comes to anti shock. I personally have only found my hd5 stop to protect the hdd when riding my bike, jumpimg on and off pavements and stuff. Otherwise i dont think if u had it attatched to an arm strap, it wud have any problems.
  4. regular ATI or NVIDIA
  5. I dunno rumz. First thing to do is to try converting your own videos to the right format and see how they look, sound and how it feels doing it. I mean if you cant be bothered to wait if your computer isnt very fast. Also it will give you an idea if you will have any problems with audio/video sync. I had sync problems and decided to keep my money.
  6. interesting, but i would never get one of those if i had a psp unless it could make the psp play all the video formats that the likes of archos, and other pvp's play.
  7. lol, rite...... no offence dude, but if i said george bush land others would know where I was talking about.
  8. what? you're telling me someone with the name 'rich bird' is a guy? Also stuge, in the UK, a bird is another word for a chick, a girl, etc.
  9. lol, no she was saying that they are holding out because they might make a PSP version 2. And yeah, you are expecting too much lol. It looks better than all the other portable games consoles so just be happy
  10. lol, the fact remains, that the news in the U,S has the most amount of b.s ive seen. I havent seen much of it, but what i have seen, just lol.
  11. either way, the cheaper one has been discontinued i think, or at least is not anywhere near as easy to get hold of as the cpz1, which i think means just that.
  12. Go for the one one with the s master amp. Have you gone to a store to try them out??? I wouldnt buy a micro system without doing that. For me what counts, are looks, how many watts RMS per speaker, and price. I would go for the cmt-cpz1 personally, just because it seems to have better woofers for the bass, and has more power.
  13. Well all I want to know is if it manages artist link and the artist link information any better than CP which was garbage.
  14. mine was the n910. I ended up selling mine for 31 pounds final bid.
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