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  1. Many thanks for the reply sfbp. Took ages to get the drivers to update, then got excited to see Hi-Md show up! Thought I'd cracked it but could not get it to change to net MD..I then realised I was using NH900 Hi Md unit that didn't need drivers!! Hooked up a Mz n707 and it all worked smoothly.
  2. I am getting a new desktop.Windows 10 here i come! Can I transfer my Sonicstage library over to the new pc ? Or do I transfer my music folder across,download sonic stage and import from music folder? Asking as not to good with computers (hence sticking with windows 7 for so long!!)
  3. paulsrje

    MDLP Deck

    Thanks for the advice. Looks like a 480 for me as that fits into my price range. A 640 does look tempting though!
  4. paulsrje

    MDLP Deck

    I am looking to get my hifi set up back up and working,i have discovered a small problem,my existing md unit is a je 530.All my discs in the past 10 years are recorded at lp2. So looks like I need to buy a mdlp capable deck,the top of the range models seem to go for crazy money on ebay. I was looking at je 440,470,480 but cant find details, which is better? Any others I should consider? Thanks,I will go back to lurking after this as a lot of the discussions are a bit technical!
  5. Hey guys thanks for the help,its far more impressive than my normal method;buy it and try it!!!! Love those other sites,Kenwood had a great design team. Paul
  6. Philippe Thankyou for the reply and sorry to the original poster for the hijack. The problem I have with the minidisc org is the lack of matching information.Just to know the release date of the shelf systems would be great as I could avoid all made prior to 2001 therby ensuring MDLP capability. Are there any other points of reference available please? kind regards Paul
  7. Can you tell me how I can tell if the device supports mdlp? I like to purchase the shelf units like cmt-m333 and dc500,keep buying units that only do sp.... The collection is growing....6 so far!!
  8. Philppe,thank you for the manual,no mention of changing the front panel....
  9. I have just bought this unit and am very pleased with it it will fit in nicely with the c5,c7,333nt,px333,and others !! On the front it says"with your favorite panel variation" I assume that means you could get different fronts to suit your mood or decor! Is this right I am unable to find any information online about this... Paul (checking gumtree daily!!!!)
  10. Impressive work shame about the lack of before pictures.
  11. Huge thanks for the drivers and pinned articles on how to make it work in windows 10. It only took 2 hours and I'm back where i was!!! Paul
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