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  1. Hi all, been a very long time since I've been on these forums! MD of course is just a faded memory by now and Sony otherwise seems to have gone downhill other than SCE--Playstation division. I'm sure not many frequent these forums any longer (Agoraquest has also become a dead zone) but I've made a couple interesting Sony "kijiji purchases" in the past 6-months or so. One of them happens to be this pretty cool MD-based unit, the CMT-M333NT! CMT-M333NT: The $30 kijiji Find: I got it locally off kijiji locally for very cheap--seller wanted $40 for it but I offered $30 and he said yes
  2. The problem with rubber bands is they'll eventually just snap. Hopefully yours will last as long as possible but rubber bands can "band aid" a belt fix in a pinch (like say you needed to eject a disc stuck inside) but they really aren't great for the long term. Typically speaking, most manufacturers use certain belt sizes/types for a wide array of applications, so it's possible you can find a belt on eBay, etc. that will work. Sometimes it's hard to track down what you're looking for as they just have belts for certain models--you basically have to find a cross-reference for that part# and
  3. Seller of the JA3ES has terrible feedback though. Also JA3ES was the least "ES" of all the ES MD decks. I like to think of it as ES-lite, lol.
  4. Interesting that some Hi-MD units charge from USB. I only have a DH10P (my only Hi-MD unit) which is 2nd gen, and it certainly doesn't charge over USB!
  5. The encryption keys only have to do with playback and not with actually reading the disc. If the encryption keys are not up to date the player will read the disc fine and attempt to play it but upon playback it will tell you the disc cannot be played until the player is updated. If the player won't read the disc at all, that's a pickup or spindle or other mechanical problem with the player.
  6. Wow, well that should end cheap with that feedback score--bit of a risk there. PayPal may protect but big pain there and still may end up losing the money in some cases. Now that it's posted here, it'll probably drive the price up too lol. Also shipping for American buyers is pretty steep...
  7. All Hi-MD that can record or "download", can be powered for playback/record/download from USB IIRC. However they cannot charge a battery via USB. Since the NH600D also has no DC-in jack it cannot charge a battery at all. The NH600 (no D) does have DC-in but it never came with a rechargeable AA I don't think. So I'm not sure if it has the charge circuit or not given I've never used one--someone with one would have to verify. Though it should be the "cheapest Hi-MD", I agree with the sentiments above that people ask way too much for them on eBay. NH600Ds are typically listed at $150+
  8. ^There are rechargeable AAs you know, lol. Meaning AAs can actually be more ecologically correct given a cylindrical cell has more capacity (within the same chemistry) and longer lifespan compared to a prismatic (rectangular) rechargeable. Also rechargeable NiMH AAs are much better for modern devices* than throw-away batteries as they hold up against higher drains, whereas alkaline and other throw-away AAs suck at this**. This is not significant for MD after the Rx00 generation since they were not really high drain a devices except when recording, but NiMH AA is better overall in any MD
  9. Any 5-6V regulated supply or switching adapter capable of 500mA or more and have an appropriate plug, should work; a transformer adapter (the old "brick" ones) with the same rating as well but will probably float 8-9V unloaded so if using a transformer adapter you could probably use a "4.5V" adapter fine as well. If you give it too much voltage (within reason) the unit will flash "Hi DC In" and refuse to work, so it's not a huge deal if you overvolt it a little--it has built in protection to some degree. USB has okay voltage however it is current limited. The theoretical limit (before you
  10. The RH10 is not the same as an M200, it's the same as an M100. I'm pretty sure PCM transfers work on any HiMD unit though no? The only thing that makes the RH1 special (in this regard) is that it can upload "classic" (MD-SP) recordings to the computer.
  11. There's also another guy (in Germany I think it was?) that used a cylindrical Li-Ion cell, along with a spring (to make it longer) and cardboard (to hold it in place), as a replacement successfully. This method does not require the unit be disassembled. Since cylindrical cells have higher capacity for similar volume, the guy stated that the capacity is the same. However I don't really trust the Chinese capacity ratings he's probably going by; I'd have to know what the standard capacity is for that particular size but I never looked into it. Nonetheless I think he reported similar run times.
  12. I think that the deduction Sony has parts and refurb RH1 units stocked is about right. Even if you look up some of the parts, you can see "part requested"/"part supplied" listings that show things like "internal only" when decoded. I'm guessing they have few parts though, so they don't sell them to the public and only use them for warranty and pay-for repairs in their factory service centres. That said OP probably doesn't even need parts just a new calibration done if the service menu values were erased. I do find it hard to believe someone would get into that mode and erase data by accid
  13. Ah I see, so thanks to jonathanpotato for the spreadsheet then! What I'd love to find is some cheap LCX-4Es because I have two E900s and one E700 with failing pickups (all were bought that way on the cheap back in the day). Also I had another E700 that was fully working that eventually totally failed (don't have that one anymore though). LCX-4E pickup is a piece of crap, let me tell you, LOL. But it'd be nice to get my hands on a few working ones to fix these units--esp. my blue E900.
  14. Very cool. Now the question is...how/where can we get some of these?
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