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  1. No problem, I'm glad you found it as good as I did - I also prefer not to use Chrome. I had mentioned the URL a few posts up but I'll repeat it again for those that perhaps missed it: https://github.com/gavinbenda/platinum-md
  2. I hadn't, no. Looks interesting, although much the same as Platinum MD (which is an Electron app, so basically like a web page) using the same open source libraries. Nice to have options though, and nice to see the format still getting some love with the introduction of modern technologies.
  3. Thanks Kevin! It was a fun little project to get this going. And I really enjoy using the deck too. I have to say though, Platinum-MD (https://github.com/gavinbenda/platinum-md) had totally flown under my radar in the last year and I discovered it not long after writing my post. I just tried it out with my MZ-N707 and it works great, with full quality SP transfer via USB. It also sounds better than the old ATRAC encoder in the Sony deck so perhaps the sony ends up being more of a playback machine after all! I like having the option of using the Sony deck though, and it demonstra
  4. Before I get into the main purpose of the topic, here's some preamble, because I know people find it interesting to hear about each other's experiences. I've gotten back into recording Minidiscs again after a very long time and wanted to document the process of making it less of a pain in the ass. With that out of the way, let's talk about the MDS-B5 and why I'm so happy to record on it despite it not having the new Type R DSP that my MZ-N707 has (it does have dual ATRAC chips though - does anyone know if the MDS-B5 actually uses those in tandem to improve encoding quality or if it
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