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  1. Do they put that protection on every disc? I want to copy my own music, is it gonna be protected anyway?
  2. I haven't noticed that the previous reply was on the next page. Missed it. Sorry. Now, back to "There IS a way to get an exact digital copy of an MD, It's called the MDS-W1 dual MD deck. But you only get another MD *** Actually there are indications it may be possible on some units to get the raw data through an undocumented feature" So, I should buy this MDS W1 (one or two?) and hack it somehow? Thank you.
  3. Hi guys, could anyone please let me know how can I capture my files from a minidisc using a Portadisc without "re recording" the sound, just digitally capturing the file that is on the minidisc, to preserve its quality the way it is on the minidisc, not the 2nd generation recording like it would have been with a digital coaxial or optical. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for your reply, BUT... What you described, isn't it the same kind of thing as recording through digital coaxial or optical audio connection? I mean, this is not exactly the same recording as on the MD, not exactly the same file copied, but re recorded, even with a different level. As NGY wrote in the message # 11 of this topic: "making a copy via the digital audio output (should that be coaxial or optical) of a MD deck to a PC soundcard (or another MD recorder) will result a similar, but not exact copy. The digital signal on the optical (coaxial) output is a decompressed ATRAC audio, not the original ATRAC data. The copy on the PC will suffer another compression, whatever the format will be." In what way this Portadisc copy will be different than the ones described above? I bot that unreasonably expensive Portadisc because it was describe as the only device that will preserve the file the way it is on the disc. Did it turn out to be not the case or I am missing the main point about the difference? Please advise. Thank you.
  5. Thank you. I hope they will reply soon.
  6. Thank you for your reply. The manual is interesting, but maybe I can get some simple recomendation on how to quickly copy it, too?
  7. Ok, I bought Portadisc, what should I do with it now? Will it be recognized as an external drive and I can simply drag and drop all the wav files?
  8. Hey, guys, seriously.. Thank you! The thing is that it is an original recording. I was mixing to MD from a multichannel, and then replicating to compact cassettes, about 22 years ago. And this is the only copy left, so, I would be afraid to mail it, just in case it can get lost in mail. So far Portadisc look like the best solution. Will it read the format that the very first MD recorders were recording (whatever format it was)? And what is the Standard Play, an opposite to some "Long play"? And to recognize the USB input I would still need that SonicStage? And what format wil I get it from the SonicStage: wav? Thank you.
  9. Hey NGY, thank you so much for your replies. What exactly feature MZ-RH1 has that no other MD players have? Thank you.
  10. Hi guys, I really need to know if the model MZ-RH1 is the only one that I can capture my music from minidisc to the hard drive, and how technically it could be done. Thank you.
  11. Thank you for your reply. Yes, the recording on that disc is unique, this is the only way to get it. I looked up the MZ-RH1, it is a very expensive one, and to my surprise it is PORTABLE! Is it the most advanced one that could do the USB transfer that no other player can? And once the SonicStage is installed and the MZ-RH1 is connected to the computer, will I see the list of all songs and simply drag and drop it, like a typical USB device, or there will be some other conversion involved in that process? Thank you.
  12. Thank you for your reply. The model of my MD recorder is MDS 302, I believe it is one of the first ones. Recording was done on this device by simply pressing the record button and resulted in whatever format it could. What players could read that format and transfer the data through its USB output? And what software can I use to capture the disc content on PC, that SonicStage that you mentioned? Thank you.
  13. I have an old minidisc player that is not working anymore, and a disc is inside of this player that I am not even sure how to take out. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. After I take that disc out of that player I would have to copy it to my computer hard drive. I just found out that some MD players have USB outputs, and weirdly enough some players can only download through the USB ports, not upload, but most of them do both: uploading and downloading. Question: If I find a player that will be able to transfer data through USB port into the computer, what format it will be transferred in and what format is it recorded on the disc in, and how exactly can such transfer from a disc to the computer hard drive be done? Thank you.
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