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Found 21 results

  1. Hi I've recently got an MZ-S1 off of ebay. The seller says it was working fine before shipping it and it does look in mint condition but when I try to read a disc it seems to be stalling and never starts playing it. It does recognize when there's no disc inside but nothing happens when I insert one, just a low whirring sound. Anybody can help? Thanks!
  2. I have an old minidisc player that is not working anymore, and a disc is inside of this player that I am not even sure how to take out. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. After I take that disc out of that player I would have to copy it to my computer hard drive. I just found out that some MD players have USB outputs, and weirdly enough some players can only download through the USB ports, not upload, but most of them do both: uploading and downloading. Question: If I find a player that will be able to transfer data through USB port into the computer, what format it will be transferred in and what format is it recorded on the disc in, and how exactly can such transfer from a disc to the computer hard drive be done? Thank you.
  3. Hello MD fans and experts! Trying to live by the motto Repair, Reuse & Recycle I'm trying to restore my old MDS-JE700 deck I purchased in Japan in the 90's. I even have stacks of unrecorded discs. With the deck I had to replace the laser due to the well known issue of nylon fatigue and managed to find a replacement unit in Germany for a hundred AUD. I replaced it and now my discs don't spin. I can see the laser lens bobbing up and down trying to read the disc but since the disc is not spinning it's ejected after a while with a TOC reading error. Loading mechanism works fine and there are no other obvious faults. To test the spindle motor itself I disconnected the motor and tested it separately with a 9V battery and it runs fine. I don't know if my problem is mechanical or electrical. There are lots of micro switches on the SW board. There's also the possibility of some contact issue with one of the flat cables. I've tried to ring them from connector to connector with an ohm meter and couldn't find any broken circuits. The mechanics in this modell is the same as in the 530 and probably a lot of other models. So I'm asking the forum here in the hope that someone is still using MD's for any ideas on what to test next or if anyone can even pinpoint my problem. ATB // Per
  4. Hi, I've had my MD player (MDS-JE510) for quite some time, but it was sitting on the garage for some time, and about a month a go I bought a portable MD and with it decided to get it JE510 back my HiFi rack. When I purchased the portable MD it came with some used MD disks that I have been using for my recording, however I am having some issues with the new recordings. When played, the recorded MD, in some tracks (not all) seems to turn on and off the music. I am not shore if this is an issue with the MD player/recorder (MDS-JE510) or if this is Disk related, has anyone had a similar issue, that could give me some help? I am currently passing the sound to the MD from the AMP to the analog input on the MD player. The recording level is set about 3 out of 10 and the Timer is set to "Off" . Thanks in advance for your help Filipe
  5. So it's finally happened; both of my LIP-4WM gumstick batteries have died and will no longer hold charge. I see many of the LIP-4WM for sale on ebay and random places, but to my knowledge these are all original run Sony brand and are surely pretty old (bad news for lithium-ion batteries). Does anyone make replacements or equivalents for this battery? I dont care if its some tiny specialty place that charges $100 a pop, just would like to snag a couple of new ones
  6. I'd like to know what models of MD hardware are currently sold. I guess Sony MZ-RH1? Same for blanks. I see a lot of Sony Neige blanks on sale. Anything else? Thank you so much!
  7. Like the MZ-NH700 only uses a AA, what other models are there? No gumsticks!
  8. Hi dear fellow lovers of MiniDisc! Recently i found my old Sony MZR-55 which still is in great working order! But unfortunately i have a problem with HOLD function. I cant use the controls even when the HOLD switch is OFF! Although, i can use my remote control to play, pause etc you understand that i must find a way to solve this problem. MDs are playing great and everything seems to work. If you have any thoughts or solutions to my problem i would be very grateful.
  9. Anyone have an Onkyo MD-105FX they no longer want? I'm based in Sydney Australia and happy to pay postage from anywhere in the world.
  10. Hi all, Selling my well-loved Sony DHC-MD515 minisystem, in fantastic condition, original speakers & cables, though speaker grilles are long lost. This has been my everyday-use stereo since about 1999, though these days I chiefly use it for FM radio & AUX inputs for iPods and turntable. 3 MD changer, 3 CD changer, AM/FM tuner, 2x RCA In, 1x RCA out. 50+50W RMS amp & speakers. The marquee feature of the unit is that the front panel detaches and acts as the remote. I'll post photos if anyone is interested. Here's an informative link from minidisc.org: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_DHC-MD515.html And here are a ton of pictures on google: https://www.google.com/search?q=sony+md515&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwipuZD-srbRAhXp44MKHT5uARgQsAQIKg&biw=1680&bih=926&dpr=2 I'm based in Texas, will have to figure out shipping. Thanks! Dan
  11. Hi, I'd like to know how the remote of my old MZ-R30 minidisc works. Unfortunately the combined remote /earphones are lost. (But would that help if I still had them?) I want to build a new remote and I attempted to build one already, but it does not work properly. I see the remote has four contacts. I built a alternative plug and connected the contacts with the MD powered. It had an effect when I connected some pins: stopping while playing, stating to play, but the results were not consitent: When I repeated some connections it did not seem to work as it did the first time. I found this: http://www.minidisc.org/r3_remote.html and it seems to confirm there's something missing. I probably need to mount some resistors. No problem, but where? On wich pin? Eventually the MD has to be controlled by some electrical circuit connecting the wires properly so the MD will play, stop, etc...
  12. Hey guys! I've been away for years from here. I'm sure much has changed. Anyway, I'm going on a trip soon, and I was thinking of digging out and dusting off some of my old MD recording gear. Is there Mac software for MZ-NH1 or DH10P? The last time I played around with my old MD toys I had to do real-time transfers of recordings by analog. Cheers
  13. Hello, I'm new here to the forum and I'm looking for a Sony MZ-RH1 MiniDisc player. Many thanks
  14. As many of you know already, MiniDisc was at its most popular in Japan, in fact music in that format (Pre-recorded MDs) have been released and sold there as recent as 2010 (!) So not surprisingly, Japan has PLENTY of nice units that play and record MDs. I've been a regular user of an auction deputy service that allows you to bid on Japanese auction sites (most commonly Yahoo!). Recently I have won a bookshelf MD Unit made by Aiwa in 2003 - and I am in LOVE with it! Take a look: Here are some of its awesome features: the display changes colors (511 according to its manual!) Its FM covers the world spectrum (76-108), though the AM tuning is in japanese steps (9 khz starting from 531 - I don't use AM) You can record in different ways - from Radio to MD,CD, or Cassette, from AUX to MD,CD, or cassette, From CD to MD or Cassette, From Cassette to MD or CD The bass on this (called i-bass) is UNBELIEVABLE and comes in two modes, iBass1 or iBass2. The Cassette deck is right on the top of the unit (that little slot at the top) This thing also has a mode where it will tell you what day it is when you turn it on - it notes important birthdays as well as Japanese holidays. On a humorous note, yesterday, it mentioned that it was Greenery Day, though that was actually changed to Showa Day in 2007 (this thing was made in 2003). More about Greenery Day in Japan (it's like our Earth Day): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenery_Day Minidisc.org has a little section on this unit here: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Aiwa_XR-MJ1.html So this is a pretty sweet unit, and the sound is just awesome. It was also cheaper than I thought. When I won it at an auction, it was about 6000 Yen (around 60 bucks or so), though the shipping (from Japan, remember)...yikes. So, have any of you thought about getting any MD units from Japan? Have there been a few you've been drooling over, like I did over this one? If you did manage to get one, please show it off here!
  15. Dear members, My MDS-303 laser arm has broken and I'm seeking for a new one, is there someone that does have this component or someone that knows where can I buy this? Thanks in advance, Sascha PS: Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Belgium.
  16. Hello everyone, to keep it short I need to know if my current md gear is suitable for the technical demands of bioacoustics analysis. Frog calls (my subject of study) are usually in the range of the 20 Hz - 20.000 Hz. I was offered a tape recorder but doing technical research I found it to have a frequency response of 250 Hz - 6.300 Hz. I've downloaded the service manual of my Sony MZ-R70 and its frequency response equals that of the suggested range (+/- 3 dB) HOWEVER, I would like to know what range of frequencies are being manipulated to achieve the 292 kbps compression of the atrac format. Some frogs call in ultrasound, mind you. thanks JD
  17. Got a limited number of factory-sealed MD blanks available for sale - Sony ES 74min. individual pack, earlier verion with white hard case; three available; - Sony ES 80min. 5-pack brick, later version with individual soft case (sort-of), one available; - Fuji Axia MD Pro 80min. 3-pack brick, one available; - TDK XA 80min, transparent/black hard case, one available. SOLD items: - Fuji Axia MD Pro 80min. 3-pack brick, one SOLD to zokuchou (6-5-2013). See attached pic for detail. Also available (not shown; pic to be added later): TDK 80min blanks, series unknown, transparent casing, outer wrapping removed but individually sealed. 5-6 available. Pricing, shipping TBA. Shipped from Asia. I also have other legacy media available, such as blank DATs (Sony standard and ES grades), as well as analog VHS/SVHS tapes and audio tapes (Type 2 and 4). All factory-sealed and sold as-is. Interested parties pleae reply to thread or send PM for detail. Thanks for reading.
  18. Hello ! I have just registered to this forum because I have recently gotten hold of a MD recorder, an MZ-N10, which I've got from a friend who had not used it in years, and who apparently did not plan to. The thing is, the unit won't read any MDs. Whenever I try an MD inside it, it fiddles around for a while making a loud whirring sound, eventually ending out with a "Read Error" alert. At first I thought it was just a problem with the MD but as I have another recorder that works, as I tested more and more MDs out it became apparent the problem came from the unit. Firstly I downloaded the manual off the internet and tried the "reboot" method that basically instructs to power down everything, let it rest for a while then power it back up, to no avail. Then I learned there was a service mode for the device, so I downloaded the service manual. After launching the service mode (with one of the methods that doesn't require you to disassemble the whole thing) and out of curiosity, I ran the self-diagnosis result display mode, to try to learn more about what could've caused the issue. This returned : 013 1 00B6 004 N 004B 035 N100B6 004 N200B6 000 R_004B Now I'm a complete noob when it comes to this kind of things, and I don't know if this would help, but the error codes indicate : a TOC address data error (013, which I have no idea what it is), two spindle errors indicating an abnormal rotation of disc (both 004 errors) and a MD DATA 2 disc error (the 035 one, which again, I have no idea what it might be). Have any of you had this problem before ? Is it repairable with having to send it back to Sony ? Thanks in advance ! All the best, A.
  19. I am looking for a source for the replacement, don't care if it's OEM like this one http://www.smallbattery.company.org.uk/sbc_lip3wmb.htm Just need one for under the $38.40 + S&H that Sony Quoted me today by phone and email! Surely someone here has a source for them here in the united States? Thanks, Tom lifesystems@cox.net me
  20. I have been planning to buy MZ RH1 for a few years but my being student budget/education expenses excuses hadn't give me chance to buy it until now but I have slim papers that makes people work for it for life . I want to buy silver color but it is available only on Japanese retailers . I have checked SonyStyle JP , Kakaku , Rakuten and no chance , it is out of sale or something like that , because I can't read Japanese and Google Translate doesn't help that much , can someone confirm that if SonyStyle JP is still selling ? Thanks . I have checked also Ebay and there are only Hong Kong Black editions ; are HK Black and JP different or made in the same factory or the one is made in China and the other is made in Japan ? Also , let's say I have a CD album and ripped music tracks on mp3 format to my computer and then to MD player (Atrac/PCM format) and I ripped , converted the music tracks from CD to MD player directly via SonicStage software on computer ? Is quality of music tracks going to be different ? Can anyone suggest me japanese retailers where I can buy a silver MD player ? I might use forwarded shipping .
  21. Hi Can I transfer my music from my minidiscs to my PC through digital out? I prefer digital over analog connection (quality). All my minidiscs were recorded through digital connection from my CD player, using MZR-1 at first and MDS-JA3ES later on. Thanks Lior
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